Hotel Supplies and Catering Equipment Markets in GZ

Panyu is an intersting place, many people will know Panyu as it’s near Haizhu district where the Canton Fair is held, China’s largest trade fair. But many may not know that further south of the Canton Fair complex there are several large markets. Two such markets are the large catering equipment and hotel supplies markets.

Xinji Shaxi Hospitality Supplies Expo Center is located right next to Xiajiao subway station and at this massive market you can find just about anything that’s related to the catering and restaurant industry and hotel industry. You can find a large range of ceramics from several companies and there’s many companies who can custom make your own design cups and plates etc if the order is large enough. Along with ceramics there’s numerous glassware manufacturers representing themselves at the market.

One of the entry gates to Shaxi Market

One of the stores inside Shaxi

You can also find hotel supplies such as napkins, bins, signs, curtains, linen, chairs, furniture, restaurant tables and outdoor tables and chairs. There’s also wholesale suppliers of uniforms, and there is several companies selling cooking and commercial catering equipment like ovens, mixers, bain marie, fridges, freezers, pots, pans and anything that you could imagine you might need in a kitchen. Be warned this market is huge so make sure you have some comfortable shoes on!

Across from the market is the Continental International Decoration Center and directly behind the market is Lingnan International Footwear City.

The market is easy to get to: take metro line 3 to Xiajiao station walk out exit B and it’s right in front of you.

Nearby (by taxi or metro) is the Nantian International Hotel Facilities Trading Center (technically in Haizhu District). The Nantian market is very lively and seems much more active, in terms of people buzzing around, than Shaxi, but Shaxi is certainly the more upmarket market. Nantian market is quite large too, you can find just about anything you would need to outfit a hotel or restaurant, from linen through to cookware.

Nantian Market

Getting to Nantian market: take the metro line 2 to Nanzhou station. It’s a 5 minute ride in a taxi from there, it’s actually very close to the metro station except there is a river between the two, I didn’t see a quick way to walk between the two but walking back from the market around the river takes about 15 minutes.

Map Location featuring hotels near Panyu markets

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New South China Mall – 新华南MALL Dongguan

In 2001, Dongguans richest man, Hu Guirong, with loads of enthusiasm, kicked off one of the largest commercial retail projects in the world- South China Mall. After a soft opening in 2003 it had received many awards and even been touted by Western media at the time as one of the new seven wonders of the world. Come 2012, it’s still a wonder, but everyone’s wondering why it’s empty!

According to the official website of the South China Mall (often referred to as Huanan Mall), the project covers an area of 450,000 square meters, construction area 1.19 million square meters of which 460,000 square meters is commercial space plus 8000 parking spaces. Total investment of 4.5 billion yuan.

Officially opened in 2005, with a scant number of tenants, it was some time later renamed to New South China Mall Life Style City. As it stands in 2012 it features a large theme park, movie theater, games arcade, some fast food stores and the rest of the place is mostly empty and derelict. At the main entrance there is a large and seemingly popular theme park, called Amazing World, which features numerous thrill rides including a giant drop, swinging pendulum, roller coaster and boat ride. You can also take a casual ride around the river which runs through the mall in a gondola.

There is also an Imax theater, beside which there is a large games arcade which must being doing OK, it seemed to be the most well kept area and the game machines looked mostly new. There’s also a Teletubbies theme park.

Still at the front entrance, there’s fast food restaurants, which all seem to be doing good business, including the local Kung Fu, McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. On the other side of the mall there is a four star hotel, The Nile Hotel and Dongguan Airport Check-in where you can check in and catch a bus to either Shenzhen Airport or Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

Opposite the mall there is a large Metro store, the German retailer, which features supermarket and housewares.

Moving away from the theme park and into the mall itself it becomes a ghost town, apart from a few shops nearby to the theme park there’s nothing. All the shops inside are vacant, the escalators are covered over, some stores just look like the owners deserted, even leaving behind unsold stock. Yes, it’s still a wonder!

Walking around the outside of the mall you can see why this just didn’t kick off, this isn’t a middle class area, Dongguan’s claim to fame is factorys and the community is mostly migrant factory workers. Secondly, how do people get here? There’s no train, no subway, and I could imagine that after work not may people would fancy driving to Dongguan from Guangzhou, or Shenzhen. Whether they would on the weekend, I’m not sure, there’s so many great malls in either of those cities that are so easy to get too, plus they actually have retailers selling stuff!

Regardless, perhaps it shouldn’t be written off yet. From what I read the mall is firmly apart of the governments development plans for the area, and there’s plenty of new luxury residential developments going up nearby to the mall. Dongguan also expects to complete it’s metro (subway) system by 2015, plus there’s a rail link between Guangzhou – Dongguan – Shenzhen under construction which should tie all the cites together by light rail. But, by that time it will well and truly need a refurb is it can attract the customers and more importantly the tenants.

Getting there: any bus that takes you to the Airport Dongguan Check-in. I came from Shenzhen and simply took the metro to the SZ airport then caught a bus from there to the Airport Dongguan Check-in which is at the mall more or less (look for the bus ticket counter in either section A or B inside of the airport and show them the address below).

Address: 新华南MALL, Wanjiang Rd, Dongguan


Note about photos: had a camera fail this day, some of the photos are picked from

Map Location including hotels nearby New South China Mall and Dongguan

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Xing Hao Pan Shoes Market Guangzhou

Xing Hao Pan Shoe market was built in 1998. It is the oldest shoe market in Guangzhou. It has 5 buildings, and more than 1300 shoe companies joined in. Most of them are factory outlets.

You can find shoes here, but the most special thing is that you can find any shoe material here, the upper material, the lining material, the sole material… It is very important for shoe trading company find new material, it leads the trend of the industry. Some buyers know this market as well, they will visit the market themselves and try to find a trend of the industry, and get the first had information from here.

The transportation is very convenient, it is near the Guangzhou railway station, and there are lot of other cloth and shoe market around the railway station. It is the must to visit place if you were operating a shoe business. It is about 3-5 minutes from another shoe market to Xing Hao Pan shoe market, but it is rare that people order shoes from another shoe market and then come to Xing Hao Pan. They always come to Xing Hao Pan directly, place orders, and then go back home or office.

Italy and Spain are leading the trend in the whole world in shoe industry, Xing Hao Pan shoe market is leading the trend of China.

Address: 37 号 Zhan Xi Lu, Guangzhou. Near Guangzhou Railway Station 广州火车站附近

Map Location featuring hotels near Xing Hao Pan shoe market

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Guangzhou Used Product Market

Guangzhou second hand product market selling used computers, cellphone and digital products, and you can see a lot of antique products here as well.

There was one day, I went to Guang Zhou secondhand product market looking for a used computer, when I entered the market, a man came to me and asked, “are you looking for antique product?” I was surprised that they sold this kind of product here. I am curious, so I said yes. He invited me to his store to look at the product. He showed me a vase, he told me that the vase was produced in Qing dynasty, it was collected from a country in An Hui province, he asked for rmb 5,000 for it, then some other customers came in, they are experts, and told me that it is fake. I walked away, and found that there are a full street selling this kind of thing. But the experts tells me that few of them are true, if you were an expert, you can find real things here. However, it is not my interest. If you have any interest at antique product, this is the place to go but beware the high priced fakes.

I got nothing that day.

Strolling down further to 240 Huifu West Road there’s also Huifu Electronic Square.

How to get there?

Bus: 3, 6, 74, 82, 106, 124, 204, 541

Address: #109 West Hui Fu Road. 惠福西路109号

Victoria Plaza Guangzhou

Victoria plaza is sitting in the heart of Guangzhou city – Tian He. It is the favorite place for the office lady to go shopping after work. There are 110,000 square meters office building with transparent glass wall and colorful lights, it made this city look fashion and beautiful. It is office lady’s heaven.

Why I say it is the office lady’s heaven? It has sport center for release your spirit and excise your body, makes you feel full with energy. It has lot of restaurant that provide you different kind of food to eat for lunch. There is a book store to let you keep yourself out of the world for a while, or have a cup of coffee with one of your client or partner in the little coffee shop instead of have the meeting in the meeting rooms. The most important for the ladies. It has lot of brand joined in. Buy yourself a suite after work to celebrating your winning an order from a client.

There are lot of other shopping mall in Tian He area. We have introduced them before, but I prefer this one, it makes me feel more relax. I can find a moment of peace here.

Address: #101 West Ti Yu Road, Tianhe District 广州市天河区体育西路101号 – Nearest metro Tianhe Sports Centre South

Map Location featuring hotels near Victoria Plaza

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Shopping on Yide road Guangzhou

The newest celebratory adornments, the cutest decorations…If you like traditional joyous style, there are many stores that can meet your needs. Whatever you have seen or things yet to see, you can buy it in Yide road. You can buy the current fashionable competitive goods there, there are all kinds of stationary and toys. The toy shop is located in east and west of the Yide road.

In the middle of the road, one side is the wholesale market for seafood, the other side is for stationary.

Onelink International and Gifts Wholesale Market is situated in the east, it has six floors. Owing to reconstruction, it enjoys good environment, and it gives priority to the quality goods. Recommended stores; wholesale stores for toys in the forth floor, soldier fittings in the fifth floor, model cars in the six floor.

The essense of Yide road is situated in the west, it has international toy shop, Zhonggang toyshop and other odd stores. If you find the goods you want, you can compare the prices as these plenty of eager sellers.


Address: Yi De Road 一德路 between Renmin Road and Qiyi Road

How to get there?

Metro Line 2 to Haizhu Plaza station

Bus 4, 8, 16, 33, 61, 82, 238, 823

Map Location featuring hotels near Yide Road Guangzhou

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Laperle Plaza Guangzhou

Le Perle plaza is located at the core business center, on the East of Huang Shi road, along with Garden Hotel, Bai Yun Hotel and the Friendship Store, it is a high end shopping mall. Because of its good position, it attracks a lot of famous high end luxury brands.

Brand names that can be found here include Louis Vuitton, Hermès , Prada , Dior , Fendi , Celine, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Lanvin, Ermenegildo Zegna, Givenchy, Polo Ralph Lauren, Versace, Charriol, Tommy Hilfiger, D&G and Versus etc. Amoung those top brand, some of them opened there first stores here, like: Hermès, Prada, Celine, Hugo Boss, Versace and D&G.

The building is designed by the famous designer Concept International Design Limited. The name La Perle comes from French word, means pearl, a reference to the Guangzhou Pearl river. In order to provide a good envirement for their customer, they hired an international estate management company, and hired several marketing specialist to evaluate the development of shopping mall in China, and executing a marketing plan.

The other thing is very impressive that it has built a CRM department to keep close communication with customer. In order to have a better service, it has built a website to update news and interact with customer –

Address: No.367 Huanshi Dong Rd, Yuexiu District  环市东路367号

How to get there?

Bus 10,14,29,59,64,82,86,87,88,180,183,253,519

Metro Line 5 Taojin Station

Map Location featuring hotels near Laperle

The Friendship Store Guangzhou

There are 4 Friendship Stores in Guangzhou, one is on East of Huan Shi road, one is on North of Tian He road, one is along with China hotel, one is alone with Times Plaza. The Friendship Store is China’s state-run store, at the beginning, it serves foreign customers and government officers only, but now anyone can go and buy things if they have money. The prices there always higher then anywhere else. You won’t see a crowd there, it still works for high class people who cares brand and quality only, don’t care about price.

In 1970s, It imported overseas food, like Hershey’s, peanut butter, the price is much higher than local ones. But it was the only place you could find overseas products, there wasn’t any other choice. The guard would stop any Chinese from entering their store, or even if you just look like Chinese. Lot of people can only look at the product from outside of the window.

Of course, it is open to pulic now, only few of them still open as lots of them were shut down after the introduction of market economy. That is the place where celebrity goes for shopping. No one will speak loudly here, no one will walk in rush. It is a high class shopping mall.

Address: (for the original store) 369号 Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

How to get there

Metro: Line 3, Line 5 get off at Taojin station

Map Location featuring hotels near the Friendship Store

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Jiangnan West Road in Hai Zhu district

West of Jiang Nan road is the most important shopping zones in Hai Zhu district. Although there is no very big shopping mall, and no big market, it won’t be so crowed and if you go West of Jiang Nan road at night, you will see the local night market which you will never find anywhere else.

It is very interesting, there are a lot of stores selling local brands and well known brands, it is very popular in the local area. Lot of “zou gui” will go out and set up a stall at night, because there is no officer on duty at night, I guess the officer are off duty that time and come here for fun as well. You will find all kinds of things there including fake jewelry, clothing, shoes and stationery…It won’t cost much of your money, but you will feel very relax there, the seller are very kind.

A shopping zone without food, no one will go, so there are lot of restarant which are very popular with young people, like rbt, starbucks, papa john’s pizza, KFC…

As mentioned, there are few shopping mall there, there is not many modern shopping malls in Hai Zhu district, but there is one new open recently – Grandbuy new city. The structure of this brand new Guandbuy new city is similar to the one on Beijing road, but there are more stores in Grandbuy new city in West of Jiang Nan road, so you might still find someting new there.

How to get there?

Metro: Line 2, get off at Jiang Nan Xi station, and go toword exit A

Bus: 270, 186, 29, 3

Address: West of Jiang Nan Road 江南西路

Map Location featuring hotels near Jiangnan West Road (Jiang Nan Xi Lu)

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Zhong Hua Plaza Guangzhou

Zhong Hua Plaza is located in the 3rd Zhong Shang road, in the center of Guangzhou. On the opposite side is Martyrs Cemetery.

It was opened in 2000, people love to go shopping there, it is very popular with local people. It attracts 300,000 visitors per day, 700,000 visitors on the weekend.

The construction of the building is very clear.

B1 Floor: international brand, like CK, TOMY, MONGO, THEME

1st Floor: domestic brand, like COZZI, CITY CHAIN

2nd & part of 3rd Floor: Jusco

Part of 3rd Floor: Clothing market

4th Floor: Cellphone market

5th Floor: Home product

6th Floor: book store

7th Floor: Food and Dinning

8th Floor: Cinema

This is the place where my sister loves to go for shopping, different kinds of products, all different brand, low level to high end.

A shopping mall plus 2 shopping center underground. One of shopping center is connected with the metro station, it is very convenient to get there, and provide a very comfortable environment for shopping. You can get to Zhong Hun Plaza throught the shopping center. One of the other shopping center is famous of sport products, there is a big outlet in the 3rd floor, lots of shoes up to 40% off. It meets some student’s demand.

How to get there -

Metro:Line 2, get off at Lie Shi Ling Yuan station (Martyrs Park)

Address: ZhongShang Road 中山路

Bai Ma Clothing Market Guangzhou

Bai Ma Clothing Market is located besides the railway station, and 2 Coach Terminal there, so the transportation is very convenient. Bai Ma Clothing Market was built in 1991. It was opened in 1993 with 6000 square meters, 10 floors including 4 floors of shopping mall. Very new and modern facilities, broad aisle, a wide stage for T show, bank, business center, Parking, restaurant… It provides very comfortable environment for shopping. More than 10 thousands of daily traffic, the annual revenue is more than 30 billion yuan. It is the largest Clothing marketing in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is famous of Clothing market, and Bai Ma is the largest and most important one. Retail and wholesale are acceptable, but most of people come here for wholesale only, you can order the particular item, the minimum order is 100 pieces, that kind of small order will take no more than 15 days, you can pick 1 piece per style, the prices will be higher than order, but lower than retail. The price is not cheap, and the brands are local brands, but the quality is very good, the style is very beautiful as well.

After visiting Bai Ma Clothing Market, you can walk around, because there are many markets surrounding the area.


The female sales on 1st floor are very beautiful.

eCommerce is available

How to get there –

Metro: Line 1, Line 2, or Line 5, Get off at Guangzhou railway station

Bus: B2A, B2, B10, 30, 52, 180, 201, 210, 211, 228, 254, 257, 275, 529, 550, 552, 803, 803A, 805, 807A, 807, 840, 862, 862B

Address: Guangzhou Railway Station 广州火车站

West of Miaoqian Street (Foreign trade goods)

West of Miaoqian street is an unusual old street, hiding between the building of old houses on Guigang road and He Pu road. This area was the place where old rich people were living, If you heard of “West Kwan, Dongshan master”, here is the place where Dongshan master used to live. It’s part of Guangzhou’s history.

DKNY is my favorite brand. I’ve bought one black long skirt in Hong Kong 3 years before, very simple and high class which is very suitable for office lady. However, the price is very high, it sometimes cost more than half of one month salary. There is one friend of mine, I knew this brand from her, I noticed that she earns only 4000 yuan per month, but she wears CK, NKNY, MNG, BCBG which are top international brand, she can’t afford that high price at all. One day, she told me the secret that all the stuffs were bought on this little street.

Most of the international brands have their factory in China, and many of them in Guangzhou. The factory will protect their product to ensure no product exposes to the market through any unauthorized channel, but there is still few of them goes to the market, and goes to Miaoqian West street. Yes, it is unbelievable, I know that there are many stores say that they selling foreign trade goods in China, but the quality is very poor, it copied the style from a popular item of a brand, but it is far away from original. That’s true, but I just find the same black long skirt I bought in Hong Kong, and everything is the same, the logo, the feeling of the material, the style….

Short of money to buy a lovely item from a high end brand? Try on west of miao qian road.

How to get there –

Bus: 548, 37, 107, 22, 502, 91, 2, 83, 1, 44 Metro: Line 1 Dongshankou station

Address: Miaoqian West Street (Miao Qian Xi Jie) 庙前西街

Map Location featuring hotels nearby

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A guide to shopping in Guangzhou