Top 10 Local Snacks in Guangzhou


Here is my guide to the top 10 must-try local snacks in Guangzhou, enjoy!



Steamed Rice Rolls (蒸肠粉)

This delicious thin roll is made from a strip of rice noodle, filled with shrimp, pork, beef, vegetables and other ingredients.


Shahe Rice Noodle (沙河粉)

Originated from Shahe Town, this is one of the most popular snack in Guangzhou. The method of making it is grinding the rice and then cut them into long narrow strips.


Shui Mai (烧卖)

Also known as pork and mushroom dumpling, Shui Mai is filling with a combination of ingredients, including seasoned ground pork, shrimp, and Chinese black mushroom.


Cha Siu Bao (叉烧包)

This can never be missed if you come to Guangzhou. Filled with barbecue-flavoured cha siu pork, the dim sum is one of the most delicious thing in the planet!


Shrimp Dumplings (虾饺)

Filled with the chopped seasoned shrimp, this is one of the most popular dim sum in Guangzhou.


Sampan Congee (艇仔粥)

Sampan Congee is a kind of gruel, consisting of fish meat, seafood, and fried peanuts. All these ingredients make the gruel having a special flavor.


Wonton Noodles (馄饨面)

Composed of crisp noodles, wonton, Vegetables and fragrant soup, Wonton Noodles is one of those dishes which are eaten every day by people in Guangzhou.


Water Chestnut Cake (马蹄糕)

Made of shredded Chinese water chestnut, Water Chestnut Cake is a sweet Cantonese dim sum dish.


Egg Tart (蛋挞)

This is almost the most famous dim sum of Guangzhou. If you are in Guangzhou, there is no way for you to miss this delicious snack. It is mainly made of egg and sugar.


Double-Skin Milk (双皮奶 )

With a history of over 100 years, this dim sum is simmered milk with a covering made from a mixture of egg and milk.