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Textile and Leather Markets In Guangzhou  

Textile and Leather Markets In Guangzhou

Tianxiong Texitile Village Located at the South of Guangzhou Avenue, Tianxiong Textile Village is a large market, providing textile and leather products. Gathered more than 700 enterprises here, the market offers all kinds of cloth, covering knitting, chemical fiber, cotton weaving, linen, leather and silk made in home and abroad. Tel: 8429-6543 Address: Dechang Road, [...]

Guangzhou China

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province China, rich in history and well known as an area of prosperity and the home of the entrepreneur. It's a major trading hub and home of many large export trade fairs. For the shopper it offers up just about everything and in every way. Shopping in Guangzhou can take you through mega modern retail malls, famous shopping streets that have been operating for many hundreds of years, through street side stalls and wholesale outlets.

If you can't find it on a shelf in Guangzhou store, there'll be someone nearby to make it...