Bilingual Menu of Cantonese Cuisine


Famous Cantonese Dishes

Crispy suckling pig: 脆皮烤乳猪

Roasted goose: 潮莲烧鹅

Braised shark’s fin with crab meat: 蟹肉干捞翅

Braised imperial bird’s nest with crab meat: 胭脂官燕

Braised sliced abalone with sea cucumber: 海参焖鲍片


Sauteed diced pork with cashownut&vegetable croutons:腰果肉丁

Sauteed crab meat with seasonal vegetable: 蟹肉时蔬

Steamed chicken with black mushrooms: 北菇蒸鸡

Yannan Fei Tian Tea Duck: 雁南飞茶田鸭

Scrambled egg with shrimps: 滑蛋虾仁

Deep-fried seafood with mayonnaise wrapped in rice paper:沙律海鲜卷


Staple Food


Wonton Noodles:馄饨面

Crispy fried noodles with shredded pork and bean sprouts:银芽肉丝炒饭

Braised flat rice noodles with spare ribs in black bean sauce:食汁排骨炒河粉

Fried flat rice noodles with beef in soya sauce:干炒牛河



Shredded Abalone and assorted dried seafood in soup: 鲍参翅肚羹

Sweet corn soup with crab meat: 蟹肉珍珠羹

Sweet corn and bean curd soup: 豆腐栗米羹

Seafood soup with sweet and soya sauce: 海鲜酸辣汤

Parsley and preserved egg with fish sliced in soup: 皮蛋鱼片汤

Seafood soup and fish maw with seafood: 紫菜海鲜鱼肚羹



Double-boiled birds’ nest in coconut milk: 椰汁燉官燕

Double-boiled toad and red dates in rock sugar syrup: 雪蛤炖燉红莲

Chinese dumpling with coconut: 椰汁馒头

Sweetened sago cream with seasonal fruit: 鲜果西米露


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