Nearby Cities

Guangzhou is well-connected to nearby cities in Guandong Province due to a concerted effort by the government to develop transport infrastructure and create a “one hour circle” between major cities.

Cities nearby Guangzhou with convenient transport links include

Guangzhou is also part of the Greater Bay Area which includes


The cities of Guangdong Province

Prefecture CN Pop (est.) Intro
Chaozhou 潮州市 2,669,844 Famed for Chaozhou food, embroidery, and attractions including Egrets’ Paradise & Guangji Gate
Dongguan 东莞市 8,220,237 Known for being the “worlds factory” and its cultural attractions
Foshan 佛山市 7,194,311 Known for ceramics and furniture production it also features cultural and historical attractions inc Bruce Lee Ancestor’s House.
Guangzhou 广州市 12,700,800 Capital of Guangdong, International trade base, and home to the regions leading cultural & historical attractions.
Heyuan 河源市 2,953,019 A Hakka settlement and location of the massive Wanlu Lake (the source of water for many cities inc. Hong Kong)
Huizhou 惠州市 4,597,002 A tourism city, home to the Taoist Luofu Mountain, Pinghai Ancient City, hot spring and beach resorts, and the beautiful Xunliao Bay
Jiangmen 江门市 4,448,871 A well-known hometown of overseas Chinese, famous for its Kaiping Diaolou and Villages
Jieyang 揭阳市 5,877,025 Rice growing and textile production area. Home to many Teochew people.
Maoming 茂名市 5,817,753 Beautiful beach at Nanhai, hot spring resorts, and clear diving waters at Fangji Island.
Meizhou 梅州市 4,240139 A culturally rich city and hometown of overseas Hakka people.
Qingyuan 清远市 3,698,394 A tourism city and manufacturing base. Famed for its hot springs and whitewater rafting.
Shantou 汕头市 5,391,028 A growing SEZ, culturally rich city, home to many Teochew people, Big Buddha statue, and coastal city with the beautiful Nanao Island just offshore.
Shanwei 汕尾市 2,935,717 A culturally diverse area (Chaoshan, Minnan, Cantonese, and Hakka culture) and home to the Zhelang Peninsula Tourist Zone, a beautiful coastal area.
Shaoguan 韶关市 2,826,612 Famous for its beautiful Danxia Mountain region, hot springs, and Nanhua Temple.
Shenzhen 深圳市 10,357,938 The gateway of China’s opening up and reform, hi-tech industry base, economic powerhouse, and home to the scenic Dapeng Bay coastal area and beaches.
Yangjiang 阳江市 2,421,812 A coastal city that is home to the beautiful Hailing Island, Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum, Lingxiao Rock geological park.
Yunfu 云浮市 2,360,128 A major stone materials manufacturing base and home to Panlong Cave and Longshan Thermal Spring.
Zhanjiang 湛江市 6,993,304 A beautiful coastal city that is home to Naozhou Island, Donghai Island, and Huguangyan National Scenic Area.
Zhaoqing 肇庆市 3,918,085 Famous for the beauty and fresh air of nearby Dinghu Mountain, and the Star Lake Scenic Area.
Zhongshan 中山市 3,120,884 A key manufacturing base that attracts a lot of overseas investment and expats.
Zhuhai 珠海市 1,560,229 A tourism city that is known for its long coastline, islands, hot springs. It is also an SEZ with a focus on textiles and electronics.