Zhaoqing City was set up in the 33rd year of Emperor Qin Shihuang (214 BC) and is one of the four earliest established counties in Guangdong Province. the city is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Lingnan Culture. Today it is a popular tourism destination and part of the Greater Bay area.

Zhaoqing City has jurisdiction over 3 municipal districts (Duanzhou District, Dinghu District, Gaoyao District) and 4 counties (Guangning County, Huaiji County, Fengkai County, Deqing County ), and administers 1 county level city (Sihui City).  As of the end of 2016, the resident population of Zhaoqing was 4.0846 million, of which the urban population was 1,882,200.

Famous Scenery in Zhoaqing

  • Qixingyan 七星岩
  • Fairy Lake 仙女湖
  • Dinghu Mountain 鼎湖山等


  • Zhaoqing Railway Station 肇庆火车站 – this station is on the Guangzhou–Foshan–Zhaoqing intercity railway (Guangfozhao intercity railway) which connects Guangzhou, Foshan, and Zhoaqing via fast C and D series intercity trains. It also services the older K, T and Z trains on the Guangzhou-Maoming Line.
  • Zhaoqing East Railway Station 肇庆东站 – serves high speed trains through to Foshan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in one direction and Guilin, Guiyang in the other.


More Attractions and Things to Do in Zhaoqing

Attraction Introduction
Zhaoqing Xinghu Scenic Area 肇庆星湖风景区 Zhaoqing Xinghu Scenic Area is one of the first national key scenic spots announced by the State Council in 1982. It is known as the “Lingnan First Wonder” with both “West Lake Water and Yangshuo Mountain”. The Dinghushan Scenic Area in Dinghu District of Zhaoqing is known as the “Emerald on the Tropic of Cancer”.
Guangxin Ecological Park 广新生态园 The Guangxin Agro-ecological Park is a model for implementing the green economy development strategy, promoting comprehensive agricultural development with land consolidation.
Panlongxia Ecological Tourism Zone 盘龙峡生态旅游区 Panlongxia Ecological Tourism Zone is located in the northwest of Deqing County, 28 kilometers away from the county seat. It is the shooting base of the Guangdong Photographers Association and the largest natural oxygen pool in South China.
Ye Ting Independent Mission History Exhibition 叶挺独立团史迹陈列 Ye Ting’s independent group history exhibition is a museum about the Fourth Regiment of the National Revolutionary Army (known as the Ye Ting Independent Group). Ye Ting Independent Group was established in Zhaoqing on November 21, 1925.
Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall 肇庆古城墙 Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall is located in the old urban area of the city, with a circumference of 2,800 meters. The walls built in the Song Dynasty are still intact and are rare in the country. The walls also feature ancient gates and a moat.
Thousand Layer Peak 封开千层峰 The Qiangfeng Peak is located on the Huanggang River, 8 km southeast of Yuyu Town, Fengkai County, Guangdong Province. It consists of overlapping sand shale and local calcareous shale. It is a sandstone peak and is formed at 380 million years ago.The main peak is 233 meters high, such as the long sword, leaning into the sky, the steep and dangerous. Although the mountain is not high, it is a combination of “the wonder of Huangshan, the danger of Huashan, the show of Lushan, and the fascination of Emei”.
Dragon Mother Temple 龙母祖庙 Longmuzu Temple is located in Yuecheng Town on the bank of Xijiang River in Deqing County. It is said to be the hometown of Longmu. The Longmu Temple is now a large-scale ancient temple in Lingnan.