The Wholesale Clothing & Fashion Markets at Guangzhou Railway Station

The area around Guangzhou Railway Station is a mecca for wholesale garments, fashion accessories and even shoes and leather goods. Here you can find dresses, casual, sports, Korean styles, European styles, costumes, children’s clothes and fashion accessories. The markets are located in multi-level buildings with anywhere from 200 to 1800 individual stalls/stores in each one and these buildings are spread out across several blocks on either side of the railway station.

Most are wholesale only and will mostly only want to deal with people looking to buy in bulk, that said, there are many that have clearances of display lines, or willing to sell one time purchases. Recently some stores have become more open to selling to the general public. For wholesale fashion buyers, this is the place for you.

Most stores open from 10 am and some close at 6 pm. Some more retail orientated stores may stay open till as late as ten pm.

Stores range from big open bags of clothes on the floor through to very cool concept like store fit-outs. Quality and styles are also diverse. Most places will not allow trying on of garments and inspect everything and are 100% happy before handing over money. There are no warranties or returns in most cases.


Guangzhou Railway Station Wholesale Market Map


This is in no way a complete list of the markets in the area, there are so many, but these would be the highlights.



Baima Market 广州市白马服装专业市场 is the most popular single market and gets the highest turnover for high-end clothing and fashion featuring mostly local Chinese brands and design. Located opposite Guangzhou Railway Station. Address: 16 Zhan Nan Road Zhan Nan Road 站南路16号白马服装批发市场 More

Huimei international clothing market. – lots of youth trends, Korean style fashions are popular here. Address: 139 Huanshi Xi Road, Yuexiu District  越秀区环市西路139号 More

Hongmian Bubugao 红棉服装批发市场 – women’s fashion, mid to upper level. European and Korean. Also leather bags and fashion accessories. Many emerging brand names. Approx. 1800 stores. Address: located behind Baima (women’s clothing)

Liu Hua 流花服装批发市场 –  Casual clothing, T-Shirts, approx 1000 stores. Address: 194 Huanshi W Rd, Yuexiu Qu. Near Guangzhou Station and adjacent to the Provincial Bus Station.

Yulong Clothing Market  御龙服装市场 – Products from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Address: 229 Guangyuan W Rd, SanYuanLi, Yuexiu Qu

First Tunnel Clothing Wholesale Center 广州第一大道服装批发中心 – Women’s and children’s clothing, some South Korean fashions. Address: 10 Zhannan Rd, Yuexiu District

Zhan Xi Clothing Wholesale Market – some ex-factory brand name stock and the area is also reputed for copy products.  Address: 1-4 Zhan Xi Rd 站西路号东侧

Global International Trade Centre – One of the larger leather goods and footwear markets in GZ. Address: Zhan Xi Road 26# 广州市站西路26号步云天地

Guangzhou EuroCommerial Plaza Shoes City Address: Floor 10 in Hongji Building, No.24 on Zhanxi Road, Guangzhou City广州市站西路24号欧陆鞋城

New Continent Footwear Plaza Address: No.12 Zhan Xi Road, Guangzhou, 广州市站西路12号新大陆鞋城

Guangzhou Jin Ma Shoes City Address: Zhan Xi Road No. 39, Guangzhou 广州市站西路39号

SanYi Watch City  三一钟表城 Address: Zhan Xi Rd, Guangzhou. 广州市站西路

Fair Price Leather Wholesale Market 平价皮具批发市场 Address: Ziyuangang Rd, SanYuanLi, Baiyun Qu

Tangqi Export Clothes City 唐旗外贸服装城 – Mostly fashion. Popular with Middle East and African traders. Address: Tangqi Export Clothes City, 130-134 Guangyuan Xi Lu, Yuexiu District

Canaan Export Clothes City 迦南外贸服装城 – Low price wholesale fashions. Address: 124 Guangyuan Xi Lu, San Yuan Li, Yuexiu

Yulong Export Clothes City 御龙外贸服装城 – some stores will sell to retail customers, especially if you buy a few pieces. Mostly fashion. Address: 1-4F Kaida Building, 229 Guangyuan Xi Lu, Yuexiu District

Tian’en Clothes City 天恩服装城 – Sportswear and tall man clothes. Address: 83 Guangyuan Xi Lu, Yuexiu District

Bubugao Leather Square  Address: 194 Huanshi W Rd


The Top Hotels Near the Wholesale Markets & GZ Railway Station

Liuhua Hotel – 4 star (self-rated) – clean and comfortable, this is the most central hotel in the market area. Next to the subway station.

Yingshang Hotel – Comfortable and clean, it’s close to the action of the markets and still within walking distance of the railway station (10 mins).

Xinghe Business Hotel – clean and modern, it’s roughly 1 km from the market action and the railway station.


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