Guangzhou to Hong Kong – 3 Easy Ways inc. XRL Train & Bus

Guangzhou is roughly 160km from Hong Kong and you have a choice of ways to get there, each with their own pros’ and cons’. Those choices include the new fast train, the old fast train, cross-border coaches, ferry, and flying (yes, flying). Here, I am going to outline the top 3 ways you’ll likely be choosing from and also cover those odd ways if you are up for something different.

The Three Most Popular Ways to Get from Guangzhou to Hong Kong


1. Train – Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed railway (XRL)

This is the recently completed line that takes you from Guangzhou South Station, through Shenzhen, and to West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong.

Journey Time: between 54 minutes and 68 minutes (see downside). Trains depart GZ South from 6.48 till 21:37

Cost: 2nd class: 187 RMB – 1st Class: 261 RMB – Business Class: 430 RMB (prices fluctuate by a few RMB depending on which train)

Upside: It is the fastest smoothest way into Kowloon of Hong Kong, and also the fastest way to pass through customs which all takes place at West Kowloon Station.

Downside: The real journey time is around 108 mins. If you are in Tianhe, or Haizhu, or anywhere central in Guangzhou, it takes 40 minutes by car or subway to get to Guangzhou South Railway Station.

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2. Train – Standard High-Speed Train from Guangzhou or Guangzhou East Railway Station to Luohu Shenzhen

This method is convenient in that you can board a train at GZ Railway Station or GZ East Railway Station both of which are centrally located. The train takes you to the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border at Luohu where you disembark, pass through customs and once in HK, grab a ticket and board the East Rail Line to Kowloon or your choice of station.

Journey Time: total around 170min (GZ-SZ: 80min / SZ-HK border crossing: 30min / East Rail Line to Kowloon: 60min)

Cost: total 119 RMB (GZ-SZ: 80RMB / East Rail Line to Kowloon: 43HKD)

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3. Cross Border Bus

There are modern luxury coaches that run from various pick-up points (mostly hotels) in GZ that cross the border into various destinations in HK inc. airport, Disneyland, and the main districts such as Central, Kowloon, etc. The bus heads from GZ to the Shenzhen HK border at Shenzhen Bay where you disembark (with luggage), cross the border through customs, then get back on a bus to complete the journey.

Journey Time: around 180-220mins

Cost: 100 RMB (to the HK airport 210 RMB)

Upside: In many cases, it takes you from your current hotel and terminates at your next hotel or very near to your destination. Saving on taxi/metro costs and time. Luggage is easy.

Downside: crossing the border at Shenzhen Bay, sometimes is quick, sometimes slow

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Alternative Ways – GZ to HK


You can take a ferry from Panyu Lianhuashan Port (CN: 广州市莲花山港) or Nansha Port directly to HK Airport SkyPier or to China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Journey Time: 110 minutes

Cost: 180 RMB

Downside: getting to Panyu Lianhuashan Port or Nansha Port from central Guangzhou. It takes over 80 mins by metro/bus and 50 mins by taxi (120 RMB)


Cathay has flights between GZ Baiyun International Airport and HK International Airport.

Journey Time: 95 minutes

Cost: 1,400 RMB

Downside: airports in general and cost