Water Bus In Guangzhou

Water Bus is very popular in Guangzhou. There are 18 ferries that transverse the 12 routes with some 26 piers.

At the peak time, which is 7 am to 9 am, and 4 pm to 6 pm, the ship comes every 20 minutes. Outside of those times, the ship comes every 30 minutes.

Equipped with the comfortable seats and the windows of the sightseeing, it’s not only cheap & convenient but also provides a different way to enjoy the scene of Guangzhou. You needn’t worry about the safety at all because every ship has at least five crew making sure everything is ok, as well as the life jackets and seasickness medicine in case of the accident.

The twelve lines in operation are:

Route Ferry Terminal
S1 (Jinshazhou – Xidi) Jishazhou, Shiweitang, Huangsha, Xidi
S2 (Fangcun – Zhongda) Dayuanshuaifu, Fangcun, Xidi, Tianzi, Zhongda
S3 (Ruyifang – Shiweitang) Ruyifang, Tanwei, Shiweitang
S4 (Xidi – Haizhuang) Xidi, Aozhou, Haizhuang
S5 (Yuzhu – Shenjing) Whampoa Military Academy, Yuzhu, Hunagpu Xinzhou, Shenjing
S6 (Huangsha – Yongxing Street) Huangsha, Fangcun, Yongxing Street
S7 (Tianzi – Fangzhi) Tianzi, Fangzhi
S8 (Shengzong – Qiankou) Shengzong, Diankou
S9 (Baixianke – Baihedong) Baixianke, Baihedong
S10 (Yuzhu – Changzhou) Yuzhu, Changzhou
S11 (Huangsha – Guangzhou Tower) Huangsha, Dayuanshuaifu, Guangzhou Tower,
S12 (Changzhou – Haixinsha) Changzhou, Yuzhu, Haixinsha

Operation Hour: 07:00 to 18:00
Interval: 20 minutes during peak time and 30 minutes in other time
Fare: CNY 2. Line S11 has a sightseeing deck and for that it’s CNY 6 for a single trip and CNY10 for a round trip.