Hotel Supplies and Catering Equipment Markets in GZ

Panyu is an interesting place, many people will know Panyu as it’s near Haizhu district where the Canton Fair is held, China’s largest trade fair. But many may not know that further south of the Canton Fair complex there are several large markets. Two such markets are the large catering equipment and hotel supplies markets.

Xinji Shaxi Hospitality Supplies Expo Center is located right next to Xiajiao subway station and at this massive market you can find just about anything that’s related to the catering and restaurant industry and hotel industry. You can find a large range of ceramics from several companies and there’s many companies who can custom make your own design cups and plates etc if the order is large enough. Along with ceramics there’s numerous glassware manufacturers representing themselves at the market.



You can also find hotel supplies such as napkins, bins, signs, curtains, linen, chairs, furniture, restaurant tables and outdoor tables and chairs. There’s also wholesale suppliers of uniforms, and there is several companies selling cooking and commercial catering equipment like ovens, mixers, bain marie, fridges, freezers, pots, pans and anything that you could imagine you might need in a kitchen. Be warned this market is huge so make sure you have some comfortable shoes on!

Across from the market is the Continental International Decoration Center and directly behind the market is Lingnan International Footwear City.

The market is easy to get to: take metro line 3 to Xiajiao station walk out exit B and it’s right in front of you.

Nearby (by taxi or metro) is the Nantian International Hotel Facilities Trading Center (technically in Haizhu District). The Nantian market is very lively and seems much more active, in terms of people buzzing around, than Shaxi, but Shaxi is certainly the more upmarket market. Nantian market is quite large too, you can find just about anything you would need to outfit a hotel or restaurant, from linen through to cookware.




Getting to Nantian market: take the metro line 2 to Nanzhou station. It’s a 5 minute ride in a taxi from there, it’s actually very close to the metro station except there is a river between the two, I didn’t see a quick way to walk between the two but walking back from the market around the river takes about 15 minutes.

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