The Top 30 Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou


Here is a list of over 30 wholesale markets in Guangzhou for just about everything from fashion through to ceramics.

Fashion Wholesale Markets:

Near GZ Railway Station

Baima Market 广州市白马服装专业市场 is the most popular single market and gets the highest turnover for high-end clothing and fashion (located opposite Guangzhou Railway Station 16 Zhan Nan Road Zhan Nan Road 站南路16号白马服装批发市场). (local Chinese brands)

Hongmian Bubugao 红棉服装批发市场 Address: located behind Baima (women’s clothing)

Zhanxi is a shopping area with many wholesale markets (near Guangzhou Station and the Provincial Bus Station 1-4 Zhan Xi Rd 站西路1-4号东侧) Zhan Xi Lu is very famous as the Fake Products

Liu Hua 流花服装批发市场 is near Guangzhou Station and adjacent to the Provincial Bus Station. It is actually a giant large market cluster with 13 clothing wholesale centers including Baima, Bubugao, Tianma clothing market, Xindadi, and Fuli (194 Huan Shi Xi Road 环市西路194号).

Tianma is 1,000 shops in a ten-story building and famous for domestic brands especially, but it also has leisure wear, international brands, business suits and furs. Address: 168 Huanshixi Road, Yuexiu District

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Shahe Wholesale Market is another large market area with cheap clothes.Near Guangzhou East Train Station Address: Shahe Street, Tianhe District.

Guangzhou Jin Xiang Underwear Wholesale Market Address: Zhan Qian Road 193# Guangzhou 站前路193号金祥大厦

XinTang International Jeans City Address: Donghua Section, Guangzhou-Shenzheng Express Way, Xintang 新塘广深公路东华路段新塘国际牛仔城

Guangzhou Liwan district zhong shan ba road/广州中山八路, features many markets for children’s clothes. Children & Kids Products Wholesale Market Address: Zhong Shan Ba Road 97#. 中山八路97号荔湖大厦.
FuLi Plaza Address: zhong shan ba lu 中山八路富力广场

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Guangdong Foshan Lecong Furniture Show Center / 广东佛山顺德乐从家具博览中心 – The whole length of the street is all furniture


China Ceramic City/中国陶瓷城 address: 江湾三路2号

China mosaic city/中国马赛克城

Gift and Stationary

Wan Ling square/万菱广场 address: 广东省广州市解放南路39号

International Toy Stationery Gift Square/国际玩具文具精品广场 address: 一德西路390号

Textile and Accessories

China Textile and Accessory City / 广州国际轻纺城 Address: 广州市海珠区金纺路2号

Leather Goods:

Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre Address: No.1356,1358 Jie Fang Bei Road 解放北路1356-1358号白云皮具世界 (many international brands)

Yi Sen Leather Market Address: 1389 Jie Fang Bei Road, Guangzhou广州市解放北路1389号 (lots of bags)

Huadu Shiling International Leather City Address: No.71-74, He He Rd, Shiling, Hua Du, Guangzhou 花都区狮岭镇岭南工业区合和路71-74号 (many local brand name products)


Global International Trade Centre Address: Zhan Xi Road 26# 广州市站西路26号步云天地

Guangzhou EuroCommerial Plaza Shoes City Address: Floor 10 in Hongji Building, No.24 on Zhanxi Road, Guangzhou City广州市站西路24号欧陆鞋城

New Continent Footwear Plaza Address: No.12 Zhan Xi Road, Guangzhou, 广州市站西路12号新大陆鞋城

Guangzhou Jin Ma Shoes City Address:Zhan Xi Road No. 39, Guangzhou 广州市站西路39号


Southern Trade Center of Horologe 南方钟表城

ZhanXi Kowloon Watch Center 站西九龙钟表城 (lots of copy watches here)

Southern Watch Trade Centre 南方钟表交易中心

New Kowloon Watch Center  新九龙钟表城

SanYi Watch City 三一钟表城 Address: Zhan Xi Rd, Guangzhou. 广州市站西路


Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Centre – everything from salon gear to cosmetics to healthcare. Address: 121 Guangyuan West Rd.Guangzhou Mei Bo Cheng. 广州美博城白云区广园西路121号

Xing Fa Plaza & Yi Fa Plaza Address: 138#, Ji Chan Rd 机场路138号。


Glasses City 广州眼镜城 Address: 260 Renmin Middle Road 广州市人民中路260

Xinjiang Yanjing City 广州信江眼镜城 Address: 250 Renmin Middle Road 广州市人民中路250号


Xijiao Building –  crystal, stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry. Address: 2 Zhanqian Road, Liwan District. 广州市荔湾区站前路2号

Taikang City – Jewelry plus fashion accessories. Address: 111 Taikang Road, Yuexiu District. 广州市越秀区泰康路111号

Liwan Plaza –  Gems and precious stone, pearls, Pandora, silver jewelry, bulk jewelry supplies. Address: 9 Dexing Road, Liwan District. 广州市荔湾区德星路9号

Beijing Building jewellery wholesale center – Jewelry and gifts. Address: NO.68, Beijing Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou -北京大厦精品饰品批发城

Guangzhou Huadu International Jinyin Jewelry Center – wholesale gold jewellery and silver jewellery.
168 Xindu Dadao, Huadu District, Guangzhou City. 广州花都国际金银珠宝城

Hualin International Jewelry City – retail, wholesale and jade and jewellery. Hualin New Street, Xiajiu Lu. 华林玉器街

Hotel Equipment and Supplies:

Guangzhou ShaXi International Hotel Articles City Address: Shaxi Road, Lopu, Panyu

Guangzhou Nantian international hotel facility trading center Address: Guangzhou Road South and the north-west corner of Luo Xi Bridge

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Xiguan Antique City 西关古玩城


Jiefang Zhong Lu, Zhongshan Liu Lu and around Huifu Xi Lu are hot areas for discount electronic components

Electronics Haiyin Square 海印广场 Address: 21 Dashatou Road, Yuexiu District 越秀区大沙头路21号.

Haiyin Computer City 海印电脑城 Address:56-58 Donghu Road. The Haiyin market area can be reached at Line 6 Donghu Station 东湖)

Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre 西城商业电器城 / 西城电器城 Address: No. 9 – 19, Dongfeng Xi Lu, Guangzhou (广州市东风西路9-19号)

Xicheng Electric Appliances Centre, No. 23 – 45, Dongfeng Xi Lu, Guangzhou (广州市东风西23-45号)

Pacific Computer Market 太平洋电脑城

Motorcycle parts:

Guangzhou Songnan Motorcycle Parts Market Address: Zheng ha dong lu, Luo Chong Wei  增槎路松南摩配市场

Guangzhou Baiyun Motorcycle Parts Market Address: Luo Chong Wei, Zen Cha Lu, Baiyun District  广州市增槎路罗冲围白云摩配市场

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