Guangzhou Taxi

Taking taxi is one of the most popular and convenient ways for transportation inside Guangzhou.  At present,  84 taxi companies own more than 16,000 taxis in different colors, Among which, there are 3 best ones, the yellow taxis of the Baiyun Taxi Company, the blue taxis of the Guangjun Group and the maroon taxis of Guangzhou Transportation Group.


Taxi rates(all charged by RMB):

Daylight Price = starting fare 10 (first 2.5 kilometers)   plus 2.6 for every succeeding km.

Night Price can be bargained with the driver.  Such as:

RMB 100 = From Guangzhou Railway Station To Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

RMB 120 = From Fangcun Bus Station To Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Tips 1: Remember the number of the price, I think them will be quietly useful for you.

Tips 2: It is very difficult to get a taxi in peak hours. The solution is waiting at the special pick-up points for taxis.

Tip: 3: You are advised to save your receipt because the taxi’s identification number will be written on it in case that you lost something on the car.

Taxi call: 8360-0000