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Taotaoju Restaurant

Located inside a historic building in Liwan District, Taotaoju is one of the most famous traditional Cantonese restaurants, serving authentic dim sum and seafood dishes. If you want to taste the true Cantonese Cuisine, you can’t miss here.

Price: About 70 RMB per person.

Address: No.20, Dishi Pu Road, Liwan District.

Tel: 8139-6111

Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant

Located in the prosperous Yuexiu District, Dongjiang Seafood Restaurants is a large restaurant covering five floors with a seating capacity of 3000. Because the great reputation of serving high-level and authentic Cantonese Seafood Cuisine, the 3000 seats are always full! With a entire seafood market on the first floor, here can serve you the most fresh seafood. You can also find many authentic Cantonese Dim Sum in this upscale restaurant. If you can only choose one Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant, then I will highly recommend this one to be your first choice.

Price: About 180 RMB per person.

Address: No. 2, Qiaoguang Road, Yuexiu District.

Tel: 8318-4901

Peach Blossom

Located inside the luxury Garden Hotel, Peach Blossom is one of the most upscale Cantonese Cuisine Restaurants in Guangzhou. Don’t mention the unparalleled service, with the elegant decoration and finest Cantonese dishes and Dim Sum, here can be your best choice to meet business partner.

Price: About 200 RMB per person.

Address: Garden Hotel, No.368, Huanshi Dong Road, Yuexiu District.

Tel: 8333-8989

Clifford Herbal Cuisine

Cantonese people love to add herbal to their dishes to not only increase the flavor but also to help them keep healthy. Located in the Haizhu District, Clifford is exactly a restaurant specially serving Herbal Cuisine.

Price: About 65 RMB per person.

Address: No.8, Shiguang Road, Haizhu District.

Tel: 3477-8123