Dining & The Top 10 Must-try Restaurants in Guangzhou

Here’s a guide to eating out in Guangzhou, including the top ten must-try restaurants in this wonderful foodie city, along with some alternative restaurant suggestions for popular cuisines.

The Top 10 Must-try Restaurants in Guangzhou 2019

This top 10 will focus on Chinese cuisine although you will find the city offers a very diverse array of high-quality International options, it would be foolish not to fill yourself on what they do best, and here that is Chinese Cuisine focused on the no.1 cuisine being the native Cantonese. Price range in the top ten varies from 30 to 300 RMB so there is definitely something for everyone. Surprisingly, the most expensive and least expensive are both Michelin guide listed!

  1. Lai Heen (pictured) – Traditional Cantonese – Av Spend 300 RMB – Note: the beautiful fusion of traditional and the opulent – Add: The Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou
  2. Lei Garden – Traditional Cantonese – Av Spend 230 RMB – Add: 4/F, Yi An Plaza, 33 Jian She Lu Ma Liu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
  3. Walnut Bistro 小核桃烤肉馆(珠江新城店) – BBQ – Av Spend 130 RMB – Add: 31 Liede Avenue, Tianhe District
  4. 极炙炭火烤肉(天河路店) – Taiwan Style BBQ – Av Spend 199 RMB – Add: 3rd Floor, No. 178-188 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District
  5. Tao Tao Ju Restaurant 陶陶居酒家(正佳广场店) – Dim Sum – Av Spend 100 RMB – Add: F6, Zhengjia Plaza, No. 228 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District
  6. 蔡澜港式点心(正佳广场店) – Dim Sum – Av Spend 100 RMB – Add: Shop 4F-4A031, 4th Floor, Zhengjia Plaza, No. 228 Tianhe Road
  7. Mr.Fish鱼鲜生海鲜放题(高德置地冬广场店)  – Seafood Buffet – Av Spend 300 RMB – Add: F5, Winter Plaza, Gaode Landmark, No. 16 Zhujiang East Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District
  8. Panxi Restaurant 泮溪酒家 – Cantonese – Av Spend 90 RMB – Address: No. 151, Longjin West Road, next to Liwan Lake Park
  9. The Manchurian Special Flavor Jiaozi Restaurant 东北人餐厅– Dongbei Cuisine – Av Spend 70 RMB – Add: No. 36, Tianhe South 2rd Road
  10. Jian Ji 坚记面店 – Handmade traditional noodles – Av Spend 30 RMB – Add: 299-303 Changshou East Road, Liwan, Guangzhou


Cantonese Cuisine

As one of the eight great cuisines of China, Cantonese Cuisine is, of course, the local cuisine of Guangzhou and is very popular in China, and the whole world. As you are in Guangzhou, missing authentic Cantonese Cuisine will be unforgivable.

Check out our list of top Cantonese restaurants in Guangzhou and a what foods you should be trying with an English/Chinese menu guide. Also see our Guangzhou Dim Sum guide.

Local Snacks and street food

The exquisite local snacks such as Shrimp Dumplings, Egg Tart, Double-Skin Milk, and Shui Mai attracts thousands of local people and foreign tourists every day. The best place to taste this gourmet is on one of the famed snack streets.

Other Chinese Cuisine Restaurants

Szechuan Cuisine Restaurants

Szechuan Cuisine is so popular in China, even in the whole world. Just hear the name of Sliced Duck Rolls with Egg Yolk, Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce, Shredded Pig Tripe in Chili Sauce, and Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers will make people drool. See list

Besides Cantonese and Szechuan Cuisine, there are many other good Chinese Cuisine Restaurants in Guangzhou. See list

Foreign Cuisine Restaurants

As an international modern metropolis, Guangzhou is not only famous for its own Cantonese cuisine but also has the ability to offer authentic French, Italian, Indian, Thai cuisine to foreign people.

French Cuisine Restaurants

French Cuisine always mean Romantic and Elegant. Enjoying a French Cuisine with your lover on Friday night would be very memorable.  Wanna enjoy authentic French Cuisine in Guangzhou? See list

Italian Cuisine Restaurants

Every time thinking of Italian, passion, and gourmet will come into most people’s mind. Italian Cuisine is one of the best Cuisine in the world. Eating authentic Italian Cuisine is no more difficult in Guangzhou now. See list

 Thai Cuisine Restaurants

Thai Cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. It combines many different flavors and has the ability to make most of the customers satisfied. It’s a perfect choice for a whole family or bunch of friends to choose what to eat on weekend. Nowadays, there are many good Thai Restaurants in Guangzhou. See list

Other Western Cuisine Restaurants

Besides French and Italian Cuisine Restaurants, there are many good Western Cuisine Restaurants serving cuisine with other flavors in Guangzhou, such as Germany, Sweden, and Europe. See list

Indian Cuisine Restaurants

Indian is not only Mysterious but also has amazingly delicious cuisines. The dishes made of Curry is very popular among the whole world. See list

Japanese Cuisine Restaurants

Japanese Cuisine is famous for its delicious sushi and fresh sashimi. At present, there are many Japanese restaurants in Guangzhou but it’s not that easy for you to pick up an authentic one. See list

Buffet Restaurants in Guangzhou

What can you do with 300 RMB in Guangzhou nowadays? Imagine upscale Salmon Sashimi, Tempura, Pu tart, BBQ, lamb chops, Ice Cream, frozen crab, Cheese cake, frozen shrimp and curry chicken? Yes! It’s true. See list