Other Chinese Cuisine Restaurants in Guangzhou

Other Chinese Cuisine Restaurants Recommended


Mao’s Restaurant

Mao’s Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Guangzhou, serving authentic strong-flavored Hunan dishes. The fatty, delicious but not greasy Mao’s Braised Pork is a must-try here. Other recommended dishes are Fish Heads with Chili, Stewed Bone soup, and Fried Shrimps.

Price: About 50 RMB per person.

Tianhe Bei Branch

Address: No.175-181, Tianhe Bei Road, Tianhe District

Tel: 8525-0519

Huangpu Branch

Address: No.29, Fengle Bei Road, Huangpu District

Tel: 3239-8107


Dong Bei Ren

Dong Bei Ren is an authentic northeast restaurant, offering delicious sauce skeleton, chicken stew mushroom, pork stew noodles, and lamb dumplings. With the basically red decoration and authentic dishes, here is a great place for foreign people to get in touch with the life in the North.

Price: About 60 RMB per person.

Address: No.34, Tianhe Nan Road, Tianhe District.

Tel: 8750-1711


Lu Gang Xiao Zhen

As one of the most popular Taiwan Restaurant chain in Guangzhou, this restaurant serves authentic stewed minced pork served over rice and three-cup chicken.

Price: About 70 RMB per person.

Yuexiu Branch

Address: No.360, Huanshi Dong Road, Yuexiu District.

Tel: 8376-6106

Tianhe Branch

Address: No.77, Tiyu Xi Road, Tianhe District.

Tel: 8559-3009