Dongguan is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province located between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is renowned as a manufacturing hub and also a famous historical and cultural city within the province.

It is also known for being an international garden city, the national civilized city, the national basketball city, the important transportation hub of Guangdong, and the foreign trade port.

The area has a long history dating back to the Three Kingdoms period (220-280AD) and is a home to Lingnan culture, an important place in terms of China’s modern history, opening up and reform and as a major trade base being known as the “worlds factory”.

Dongguan is made up of 4 subdistricts being Dongcheng Subdistrict, Nancheng Subdistrict, Wanjiang Subdistrict, Guancheng Subdistrict and 28 towns being Shilong Town, Shipai Town, Chashan Town, Qishi Town, Qiaotou Town, Dongkeng Town, Hengli Town, Changping Town, Humen Town, Chang’an Town, Shatian Town, Houjie Town, Liaobu Town, Dalingshan Town, Dalang Town, Huangjiang Town, Zhangmutou Town, Xiegang Town, Tangxia Town, Qingxi Town, Fenggang Town, Mayong Town, Zhongtang Town, Gaochun Town, Shijie Town, Wangniudun Town, Hongmei Town, Daowei Town.

Famous Scenery

Sun Yat-sen’s ancestors’ home 孙中山先祖故居, Yuehui Garden 粤晖园, Humen Fort 虎门炮台, Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Park 袁崇焕纪念园, Songshan Lake Garden 松山湖 可园





Dongguan Metro

Dongguan currently has one line in operation, subway line 2, which links Humen Railway Station and Dongguan Railway Station passing Shilong, Chashan, Dongcheng, Guancheng, Nancheng, Houjie and Humen towns.  It operates from 6:30 to 23:00.

Stations: Humen Railway Station – Exhibition Center – Shanmei – Liaoxia – Chenwu – Hadi – Xiping – Hongfu Road – Qifeng Park – Dongcheng – Tianbao – Xiaqiao – Liuhua Park – Chashan – Dongguan Railway Station

More lines are under construction with the eventual connection to the GZ Metro network and connect to Shenzhen Metro.


Getting to Dongguan from Hong Kong

Opt 1: head to West Kowloon Station and take the XRL line to Humen Station. Journey time: 30 minutes, cost 210 HKD

Opt 2: from Hung Hom Station take the Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train to Changping Station. Journey time: 70 minutes, cost: 155 HKD

Opt 3: take a cross-border coach from Hong Kong to various hotels in Dongguan. Journey time: 3 HR, cost: 100 RMB or ~200 RMB from HK Airport/Asia World Expo. See schedule


Getting to Dongguan from Guangzhou

Opt 1: Take a train from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Dongguan Station or Changping Station. Journey time: 35 minutes, cost: 45.5 RMB

Opt 2: Take a train from Guangzhou South Station to Humen Station. Journey time: 17 minutes, cost: 34.5 RMB

Opt 3: Take a bus from any of several Guangzhou bus stations to Dongguan. Journey time: 90 minutes, cost: 40-60 RMB. See schedule 


Getting to Dongguan from Shenzhen

Opt 1: Take a train from Shenzhen Railway Station to Dongguan Station. Journey time: 44 minutes, cost: 53.5 RMB

Opt 2: Take a train from Futian Station (or Shenzhen North Station) to Humen Station. Journey time: 28 minutes, cost: 45 RMB

Opt 3: Take a bus from various location in SZ to Dongguan. Av journey time: 90 minutes, cost: 50-100 RMB. see schedules


Sights, attractions, and Things to do in Dongguan

Dongguan is a famous historical and cultural city in Guangdong Province.

National A-level scenic spots

(4A) Dongguan Songshan Lake Scenic Area 东莞松山湖景区
(4A) Humen Opium War Museum 虎门鸦片战争博物馆
(4A) Dongguan Guanyinshan Forest Park  东莞观音山森林公园
(4A) Dongguan Science and Technology Museum 东莞科技馆
(4A) South China MALL · Laughter World 华南MALL·欢笑天地
(4A) Longfeng Villa 龙凤山庄
(4A) Yue Hui Garden 粤晖园
(4A) Dongguan Xiangshi Zoo 东莞香市动物园
(4A) Dongguan Yinpingshan Forest Park 东莞银瓶山森林公园
(4A) Dongguan Exhibition Hall 东莞展览馆
(4A) Dongjiang Column Memorial Hall 东江纵队纪念馆
(4A) Garden 可园
(4A) Dapingyu Forest Park 大屏嶂森林公园
(4A) Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Park 袁崇焕纪念园
(4A) Tangwei Ancient Village and Nanshe Ancient Village 塘尾古村与南社古村
(4A) Shek Pai Hongshishan Ruins Park 石排红石山遗址公园
(3A) Chashan Sacred Heart Cake Museum 茶山圣心蛋糕博物馆
(3A) Aesthetic Ceramics Museum 唯美陶瓷博物馆
(3A) Novartis China Furniture Museum 诺华中国家具博物馆
(3A) Shilong Ou Gong 石龙欧公祠
(2A) 樟 wood crown and museum 樟木头冠和博物馆


Heritage buildings in Dongguan

Lin Zexu sells the smoke pool and the site of Humen Fort 林则徐销烟池及虎门炮台旧址 Garden 可园
Nanshe Village Ancient Buildings 南社村古建筑群 Tangwei Village Ancient Buildings 塘尾村古建筑群
Dalingshan Anti-Japanese Base 大岭山抗日根据地 Village head village ruins 村头村遗址
Jin Yu Chau Tower 金鳌洲塔 Yanling Ancient Quarry Site 燕岭古采石场遗址
Lai’s Buddhism and Ancient Buildings 黎氏大宗祠及古建筑群 Kangwang Temple 康王庙
Jinting monument 却金亭碑 Former residence of Jiang Guangyu 蒋光鼐故居
Country 国殇冢 Yingmen Gate Tower 迎恩门城楼
Liuhua Tower 榴花塔 Diamond Kong Cloud Tower 金刚经云石塔
Tomb of Chen Lianfeng 陈莲峰墓 Song Huanggu Zhao’s Tomb 宋皇姑赵氏墓
Xiong Fei Tomb 熊飞墓 Yuwu Memorial Arch 余屋牌坊
Tomb of Li Yu 李桤墓 Dongguan County Museum Site 东莞县博物馆旧址
Haiyueyan 海月岩 Dongyue Temple 东岳庙
Ou Xianyuan 欧仙院 Former residence of Rong Geng 容庚故居
Zhu Zhixin Monument 朱执信纪念碑 Yellow flag 黄旗胜迹
Zhou Enlai Podium 周恩来演讲台 Li Wenzhao Memorial Pavilion 李文甫纪念亭
Daoqiang Grand Tomb 道滘大坟 Yan Huan Lou 巍焕楼
Dagu Ancient Bridge 大汾古桥 Reverse water flow turtle village 逆水流龟村堡
Xan Lai Ting 薰莱亭 Zhang Caiting Monument and Gospel Hall 张彩廷纪念碑与福音堂
Guozhenren Ancient Temple 郭真人古庙 Fairy water 神仙水
Fang Ancestral Hall 方氏宗祠 Huang Ancestral Hall 黄氏宗祠
Ye’s Ancestral Hall 叶氏宗祠 Mashan monument 马山古迹
Guanyin Mountain Historic Site 观音山古迹 Mashan monument 马山古迹
Single scorpion 单氏小宗祠 Cliff Mountain Historic Site 崖山古迹
Ding’s Hall 丁氏祠堂 Tongde Street 同德街


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