Zhongshan City was renamed to commemorate Sun Yat-sen (Sun Zhongshan) the founding father of the Republic of China. It is bordered by Panyu District of Guangzhou City and Shunde District of Foshan City, and Jiangmen in the west. It is also a city of the Greater Bay Area.

Zhongshan is a national historical and cultural city. Xiangshan culture, which originated in Zhongshan, is an important source of modern Chinese culture.

Zhongshan is one of a very few cities in China named after a person. It is named after Dr. Sun Yat-sen (1866–1925), who is known in Mandarin as Sun Zhongshan. Sun, the founding father of the Republic of China who is also regarded positively by the People’s Republic, was born in Cuiheng village in Nanlang Township of what was then Xiangshan County. In 1925, the year after his death, Xiangshan was renamed Zhongshan in his honor.


Famous Scenery of Zhuhai

  • Sun Yat-sen Hometown 孙中山故里
  • Sun Wenxi Road Pedestrian Street 孙文西路步行街
  • Qijiang Park 岐江公园
  • Zhongshan City 中山城




All these stations are on the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Mass Rapid Transit (Guangzhu Intercity MRT) which connects with the cities of Guangzhou, Shunde, Zhuhai, and Jiangmen.

  • Zhongshan Station 中山站
  • Zhongshan North Station 中山北站
  • Xiaolan Station 小榄站
  • Nantou 南头
  • Guzhen 古镇
  • Nanlang 南朗
  • Dongsheng 东升

Soon Zhongshan will be connected to Shenzhen via the Shenzhen-Maoyan Railway Line which will have 18 stations, starting from Shenzhen North and ending at Maoming East Station. Among them, the Shenmao Railway will set up three stations in Zhongshan, Zhongshan North, and Henglan, spanning six townships.

Zhongshan Metro (planning)

The city plans six subway lines, of which lines 1, 2, and 3 strive to start construction around 2020.


Intercity Bus lines

Zhuhai Long-Distance Bus Station 珠海市海洲长途汽车客运站 – cheapest with regular buses to Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Address: No.59, Zijing Road, Xiangzhou District

Qiguan Long-Distance Bus Station 珠海市岐关车站 – buses to Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Shantou.
Address: Shuiwan Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District

Gongbei Long-Distance Bus Station 拱北汽车站 – newer buses (sometimes) with regular services to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, most cities in Guangdong and several lines to other provinces.
Address: No.1, Lianhua Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District


Attractions and Things to Do in Zhuhai

Shiqi District Attractions

Sun Wenxi Road Pedestrian Street 孙文西路步行街 Yixian Lake Park 逸仙湖公园 Lijiang Park 岐江公园 Zhongshan Park 中山公园 Shishan Sea Eclipse Site 狮山海蚀遗址
Smoke pier tower 烟墩塔 Zhongshan Department Store 中山百货 Xishan Temple 西山寺 Xingzhong Square 兴中广场 Zhongshan Museum 中山市博物馆
Fengyuan Commercial Street 逢源商业街 South Down New Pier 南下新码头 Daxin New City 大信新都会 Minjiang River 岐江河 Sun Yat-sen Memorial 中山纪念堂

Eastern District Attractions

Holiday plaza 假日广场 Yangtze River Reservoir 长江水库 Zhongshan Culture and Art Center 中山市文化艺术中心 Xingzhong Road 兴中道 Sun Wen Park 孙文公园
Central Plaza 中环广场 Zhongshan Yangtze River Water World 中山长江水世界 Yihua Department Store 益华百货 Lee Square 利和广场 Zimaling Park 紫马岭公园


West District Southern District Attractions

Zhongshan Zhanyuan 中山詹园 Former Residence of Yang Xianyi 杨仙逸故居 Huancheng Food Street 环城美食街

Other attractions in Zhuhai

Former residence of Sun Yat-sen 孙中山故居 Xinhai Revolution Memorial Park 辛亥革命纪念公园 Tranlin Villa 泉林山庄 Long Rita 龙瑞塔 Pujiang Shizefang 浦江世泽坊
Lingnan Water Township 岭南水乡 Bamboo Forest Drifting Paradise 翠竹林漂流乐园 Zhongshan Cuiheng Village  中山翠亨村 World Memorial Park 天下为公纪念公园 Zheng Guanying’s former residence 郑观应故居
Antang Archway 安堂牌坊 雍陌石板路 雍陌石板路 Lu Yidong’s former residence 陆皓东故居 Shengping Renruifang 升平人瑞坊 Maowan Stone Road 茅湾石板路
Bailing Liufangfang 百龄流芳坊 Shishan Sea Eclipse Site 狮山海蚀遗址 Shilingshan Sea Eclipse Site 石岭山海蚀遗址 Flower exploration and workshop 探花及第坊 Come to Qingting 来青亭
Xiaolan Town People’s Park 小揽镇人民公园 Zhongshan Hot Spring 中山温泉 Meixi Tower 美溪塔 Otaru ring 小琅环洞 Luming Lake 鹿鸣湖
Ark Court Court 鸦岗苑阁 Wuguishan Xiaoyao Valley 五桂山逍遥谷 Zhongshan Cuizhulin Drifting Paradise 中山翠竹林漂流乐园 Zhongshan City 中山城 Zhongshan Niutoushan Ecological Park 中山牛头山生态园