Jiangmen City is one of the central cities in the western part of the Pearl River Delta and one of the nine mainland cities that form the Greater Bay area. It has a long history dating back to the Yuan and early Ming Dynasty and is known for being “China’s first overseas Chinese hometown” and the hometown of Chinese art and folklore in particular Cantonese Opera.

Jiangmen has a population of 4,216,400, of which non-rural population is 2.009 million and urban population is 1.33 million.

Famous Scenery in Jiangmen

  • Yutai Temple 玉台寺
  • Bird Paradise 小鸟天堂
  • Kaiping Diaolou 开平碉楼
  • Former Residence of Liang Qichao 梁启超故居
  • Chen Baisha 陈白沙祠
  • Shangxiachuan Island 上下川岛




You can take a fast train from either of the city’s two operating stations on the Guangzhou–Zhuhai intercity railway to Guzhen, Xiaolan, Ronggui, Shunde, and Guangzhou South Railway Station.

  • Jiangmen East Station 江门站
  • Xinhui Station 新会站

Intercity Buses

Jiangmen Bus Station (江门汽车总站) – regular services to Guangzhou East Coach Terminal, Guangzhou Passenger Station, GZ South Coach Station, Zhuhai Gongbei bus station

Fuer Wen Hua Hotel (富尔文华酒店) – CTS Coaches that head to Shenzhen and onward to Hong Kong.

Xinhui Coach Terminal (新会汽车总站)  – services to Zengcheng, Zhuhai


Attractions and Things to Do in Jiangmen

Hot Springs
The quality mineral springs and hot springs in Jiangmen City are widely distributed. There are 9 proven mineral springs, 4 have been evaluated and developed through exploration, and 1 has been developed into a scale. The hot springs are located in Naji Town and Liangxi Town of Enping City, Sanhe Town and Dudu Town of Taishan City, Yamen Town of Xinhui District, and Chishui Town of Kaiping City. Among them, Taishan Hot Spring in Sanhe Town of Taishan City and Gudou Hot Spring in Yamen Town of Xinhui District have the largest flow rates, and the highest temperature is the village hot spring in Dushan Town, Taishan City, with a water temperature of 73 °C.

Jiangmen Hot Springs

  • Taishan Fudu Hot Spring Resort 台山富都温泉度假村
  • Royal Hot Spring 帝都温泉
  • Jiangmen Enping Hot Spring Paradise 江门恩平温泉乐园
  • Xiyunlai Hot Spring 喜运来温泉
  • Kaiping Xiangjiang Hot Spring 开平香江温泉
  • Taishan Jiayi Hot Spring 台山嘉怡温泉
  • Jinshan Hot Spring Resort 金山温泉度假村  (AAAA)
  • Enping Wanmu Quanlin Resort 恩平万亩泉林度假区
  • Xiyunlai Hot Spring 台山喜运来温泉
  • Shanquanwan Hot Spring 山泉湾温泉


Places of historic interest and scenic beauty in Jiangmen

  • Eastern Han Dynasty ruins Xinhui Yutai Temple 东汉遗迹新会玉台寺
  • Yamen Ancient Battlefield 崖门古战场
  • Liang Qichao’s former residence 梁启超故居
  • Bird Paradise 小鸟天堂  (AAAA)
  • Chen Baisha Temple 江门陈白沙祠
  • Chayu temple 茶庵寺
  • Taishan Shangchuan Island 台山上下川岛
  • Kaiping Liyuan 开平立园  (AAAA)
  • Heshan Dayan Mountain 鹤山大雁山
  • Former residence of Enping Fengru 恩平冯如故居
  • Qixing Forest 恩平冯如故居
  • Xiemaupu Village Scenic Area 歇马举人村风景区等
  • UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Kaiping Diaolou 世界文化遗产开平碉楼
  • Jiangmen Xingguang Park 江门市星光公园
  • Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum 五邑华侨华人博物馆
  • Donghu Park 东湖公园,
  • Guifeng Mountain 圭峰山 (AAAA)
  • Daxikeng Park 大西坑公园
  • Changdi Fengqing Street 长堤风貌街