Zhuhai is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province, one of the central cities in the Pearl River Delta, a popular scenic tourist city on the southeast coast, and a city of the Greater Bay. Located in the southwestern part of the Pearl River Estuary in Guangdong Province, across the sea to the east is Hong Kong, the south is connected to Macau, the west is adjacent to Jiangmen, and the north is bordered by Zhongshan.

It is the largest marine area, the largest number of islands, and the longest coastline in the Pearl River Delta region. The city is known as the “city of hundred islands”.

The prefecture-level city of Zhuhai administers 3 county-level divisions and 4 special economic districts, all of which are districts. inc Zhuhai City, Xiangzhou District, Doumen District, Jinwan District, Hengqin New Area, Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone, Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development District, Zhuhai Gaolanggang Port Economic Zone.

The Most Famous Scenery in Zhuhai

  • Chimelong Ocean Kingdom 长隆海洋王国
  • Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue 珠海渔女雕像
  • Lovers Road 情侣路
  • Haiquan Bay 海泉湾
  • Yuanming New Garden 圆明新园等




Zhuhai Jinwan Airport (ZGSD) is an international airport known for hosting an annual air show, China’s largest, the  China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition. It is located some 50 kilometers southwest of the Zhuhai city center in Jinwan District. Whilst being an international airport it services mostly domestic destinations and airlines.

Chinese Name: 珠海金湾机场
web: http://www.zhairport.com

You can get to and from Zhuhai Airport via four airport express bus lines:

Xiangzhou Line 香洲线 (5.40 to 18.35) –  Tangjia Julong Hotel  > Xiangzhou Swan Hotel > Xiangzhou Tibet Building > City Rail Pearl Station Terminal > Zhuhai Airport

Gongbei Line 拱北线  (5.00 to 22.35) – Zhongzhu Building > City Rail Zhuhai Station (Gongbei) > Zhuhai Airport

Ji Da Line 吉大线 (7.30 to 18.30) – Jiuzhou Port Bus Terminal > Jinbei Star Hotel Gongbei > Huafa Shangdu > Zhuhai Airport

Changlong line 长隆线 (8.00 to 20.00) – Penguin Hotel > Circus Hotel > Hengqin Bay Hotel > Hengqin Port (Shaoguan Station) > Zhuhai Airport

Doumen line 斗门线  (7.00 to 16.00) – Doumen Bus Terminal > Riviera > Zhuhai Airport


High Speed Train

  • Zhuhai Station 珠海站 –  fast trains to Guangzhou via the Guangzhu Intercity MRT
  • Zhuhai North Station 珠海北站 – fast trains to Guangzhou South, Zhongshan North, Xiaolan, Ronggui, and Shunde
  • Qianshan Station 前山站 –  fast trains to Guangzhou via the Guangzhu Intercity MRT
  • Tangjiawan Station 唐家湾站-  fast trains to Guangzhou via the Guangzhu Intercity MRT


Zhuhai Ferry

Zhuhai has two international seaports: Jiuzhou (九洲港) and Gaolan (高栏港). Gaolan Port is one of the leading ports in Guangdong province for freight, while Jiuzhou Port focuses on passenger sea transport.

Chu Kong Passenger Transport operates a ferry service between Zhuhai’s Jiuzhou Port <> Hong Kong Central, Hong Kong Airport and Macau Ferry Terminal. See: http://www.cksp.com.hk/en

Turbo Jet operate a service between Tuen Mun Hong Kong <> Zhuhai’s Jiuzhou Port. See: https://www.turbojet.com.hk

China Merchants operate a ferry between Shekou Ferry Terminal, Shenzhen <> Zhuhai’s Jiuzhou Port. See: https://www.cmskchp.com


Attractions and Things to do in Zhuhai


Yinkeng Beach Bath 银坑海滩浴场
Located in Big Wave Bay about 7 kilometers north of Xiangzhou. The bay is about 900 meters long and the beach is more than 30 meters wide. The terrain is gentle and the sand is fine. It extends to the shallow beach for about 50 meters.

Golden beach 金海滩
Jinsha Beach is named Changsha Bay, located on the west side of the Pearl River estuary, at the southern end of Sanzao Island, on the southeast side of the sea, and on the north of Fortress Hill. The beach is 2,300 meters long, with a depth of more than 500 meters and an area of 1.3 square kilometers. The beach is flat, the level is slow, and the sand is even. It is a natural beachside swimming and holiday venue.

Nanshawan Beach 南沙湾海滩
Located on Dongao Island. The inner beach is 410 meters long and the water depth is 13 to 17 meters. Swimming, fishing, suitable for sea entertainment.


Phoenix Mountains 凤凰山
Located in the north of Xiangzhou. The main peak is 437 meters above sea level and covers an area of about 20 square kilometers. There are Yangsong Reservoir, Dajingshan Reservoir, Zhengkeng Reservoir and Youth Reservoir. There are natural landscapes as well as Phoenix Stone Pavilion, Phoenix Cave, Yinmen Cave and Guanyin Cave. Zhengxian Cave, Lu Temple, and other monuments. There are many mountain springs.

Bailian Cave 白莲洞
Located 5 kilometers southwest of Xiangzhou, between the two mountains on the west side of Guanzhou Village. Ancient constructions include Yueyue Bridge, Guanyin Temple, Huaying Temple, Hexagon Pavilion, Stone Archway, Jiulong Lake and Jiulong Dike. Since 1979, the municipal government has allocated funds for reconstruction and expansion.

Chihuashan 赤花山
It was named after the red flower (also known as “Dragon Boat Flower”). Located 2 kilometers south of Guantang Village, Jinding Town. There are eight scenes in the mountains: six ancestors, red stone cannons, Shiji Chenming, stone wall reflections, stone ships, nets, Henggang wooden flute, red shade, stone bridge night fishing. There are six ancestral temples and gazebos on the mountain.


Jiuzhou Island 九洲岛
Located in the southeast of Xiangzhou, 2 kilometers from downtown Jiuzhou Port. It consists of nine islands covering a total area of 5 square kilometers.  There are several caves inc. Tongtian Cave, Yintan Cave, General Cave, Guanyin Cave and so on.

Dongao Island 东澳岛
Located in the middle of the Wanshan Islands, it is more than 30 kilometers away from Xiangzhou and covers an area of about 5.7 square kilometers. Dongao Island completely preserves the original natural ecological environment with a vegetation coverage rate of 82%. There are several remnants here from the Qing Dynasty period.

Ten views of Zhuhai 珠海十景

It is said that Zhuhai has ten must-see destinations which are

New Yuanming Palace 圆明新园

Dong’ao Island  东澳岛(丽岛银滩)

Tang Family Park 唐家共乐园(鹅岭共乐)

Zhuhai Fisher Girl  珠海渔女(渔女香湾)

Meixi Royal Stone Archways 梅溪牌坊(梅溪寻芳)

Agricultural Science Center 农科中心(农科观奇)

Feihai Beach (Feisha) 飞沙滩(飞沙叠浪)

Zhuhai Martyrs Cemetery (Shishan Haoqi) 珠海烈士陵园(狮山浩气)

Huangyang Mountain Scenic Area (Huangyang Jintai) 黄杨山景区(黄杨金台)

Qi’ao Island  淇澳岛(淇澳访古)