Guangzhou Used Product Market 惠福旧货交易市场

Guangzhou second-hand product market (Huifu Flea Market 惠福旧货交易市场) selling used computers, cellphone and digital products, and you can see a lot of antique products here as well.


Here is the second-hand home appliances market. Like the old TV, computer, old air conditioning, old refrigerator, old washing machine everything. Last time I just graduated from college to work in Guangzhou colleagues to buy here Jiujia Dian. However, the quality of things here is not guaranteed, depends on whether you know the business in order to buy cheap things.

There was one day, I went to Guangzhou secondhand product market looking for a used computer, when I entered the market, a man came to me and asked, “are you looking for an antique product?” I was surprised that they sold this kind of product here. I am curious, so I said yes. He invited me to his store to look at the product. He showed me a vase, he told me that the vase was produced in Qing dynasty, it was collected from a country in An Hui province, he asked for rmb 5,000 for it, then some other customers came in, they are experts, and told me that it is fake. I walked away and found that there is a full street selling this kind of thing. But the experts tells me that few of them are true, if you were an expert, you can find real things here. However, it is not my interest. If you have any interest in antique products, this is the place to go but beware the high-priced fakes.

I got nothing that day.

Strolling down further to 240 Huifu West Road there’s also Huifu Electronic Square.

How to get there? Bus: 3, 6, 74, 82, 106, 124, 204, 541

Chinese Name: 广州市金泰电器批发部

Address: #109 West Hui Fu Road. 惠福西路109号

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