Maofeng Mountain

Located in the northeast of Guangzhou, Maofeng Mountain is located at the junction of Taihe Town and Liangtian Town in Baiyun District, 25 kilometers from downtown Guangzhou. It is 152.9 meters higher than Baiyun Mountain and is the highest peak in Guangzhou. The entire mountain has a high forest coverage, beautiful scenery and a quiet environment.

Maofeng Mountain is divided into two scenic spots: the Peak Scenic Area and the Causeway Bay Scenic Area. The two scenic spots are not connected to each other, so if you want to climb the summit, you should not enter the Causeway Bay scenic spot. Instead, you can take a motorcycle from the Causeway Bay Reservoir to a mountaintop scenic spot three kilometers away. From here, you can buy a ticket to enter the mountain to climb the main peak of the Cap Peak Mountain.

If you have good physical strength, you can first visit the scenic spot of Causeway Bay and then go to the top of the mountain scenic spot. Otherwise, you will have to play the mountaintop scenic spot alone. It is rare to play the Causeway Bay scenic spot.

The approximate route of the Causeway Bay Scenic Area is: Reservoir Gate Gate – Reservoir – Leisure Foothills – Primitive Forest Hiking Trail – Wangyue Pavilion – Banshan Waterfall – Wangri Pavilion – Leisure Pavilion (404 meters). The Tongluowan Reservoir has a wide water surface and can be used for boating or fishing. Uphill from Causeway Bay, the highest point is a 404-meter leisure pavilion, unable to climb the main peak.

The general route of the Peak Scenic Area is: Shanmen-Haoshan Ancient Temple-Kowloon Lake-Wangyunting-Baizhang Cliff-the main peak unilateral pine top (534 meters), the whole round-trip time is about 3 hours. Among them, the half-mountain temple and the millennium ancient road are quite worth a visit.

Next to the ancient temple is a small square selling specialty products. It has earthen eggs, freshly picked plums, and mountain herbs. It is very lively. The ancient road refers to the mountain road itself. The road from the northern foothills to the peak top is paved with a total of 637 grades. The steep twists and turns of the ancient road can be described as rare, the entire section of the ancient road, about 2 hours walk back and forth. Unfortunately, there is no sightseeing spot on the top of the mountain. It is still in the woods, there is only a small pavilion, and the view is not very good.

In addition, you must try tofu and snails on the mountain, which is a major feature here, quite recommended.

Although Maofeng Mountain is not as famous as Baiyun Mountain, its facilities are not as perfect as it is, but it is far from the urban area, the air and natural environment are better than Baiyun Mountain, and there are fewer tourists. Some mountain climbing sections are still wild roads, so you can really enjoy the mountain climbing fun.

After going down the mountain, be sure to go to the nearby farm to eat the famous Taihe Roast Chicken, a simple fire stove made of clay, which is burnt with oily and shiny chicken, especially delicious. The roast chicken here is a must, and even tourists have come to Maofeng Mountain to eat chicken.

Getting there: From Guangzhou Railway Station, take bus No. 529 to Taihe Terminus (太和总站) and transfer to Maofeng Mountain bus (帽峰山班车) to the main station of Maofeng Mountain (古庙). Cross the road and walk about 260 meters to the Mountain Forest Park (古庙景区). You can also drive to the top of the mountain.




  • CN Name: 帽峰山
  • EN Address: Junction of Taihe Town and Liangtian Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市白云区太和镇与良田镇交界处
  • Open Hours: 8:00-18:00