Where to Buy Glasses in Guangzhou

Optical Train Supermarket

As one of the biggest glasses chain in Guangzhou, Optical Train Supermarket can provide you everything necessary to make a pair of eyeglasses. Its flagship store also has the unmatchable location at the Tianhe Road, one of the most prosperous business roads in Guangzhou. After you buy the glasses, you can enjoy the fabulous shopping experience in many great shopping malls in this area.

Tianhe Branch

Tel: 3881-4503

Address: No.123, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District.天河区天河路123号

How to get there: Metro Line 5, Zoo Station.

Xiajiu Branch

Tel: 8124-8375

Address: No.92, Xiajiu Road, Liwan District.荔湾区下九路92号

Diwang Branch

Tel: 8373-9970

Address: No.18, Jiaochang West Road, Yuexiu District.越秀区较场西路18号

How to get there: Metro Line 1, Martyrs station.

How to get there: Metro Line 1, Chen Clan Temple Station.

West Road Branch

Tel: 8335-3310

Address: No.33, West Lake Road, Yuexiu District.越秀区西湖路33号

How to get there: Metro Line 2, Gongyuanqian station.

Newport Branch

Tel: 8403-4647

Address: No.99, Newport West Road, Haizhu District.海珠区新港西路99号

How to get there: Metro Line 8, Xiaoport station.


More Beauty Glasses Supermarket

One of the most famous and popular glasses chain in Guangzhou.

Tianhe Branch

Tel: 8754-8488

Address: No.22, Tianhe South One Road, Tianhe District.天河区天河南一路22号

How to get there: Metro Line 3, West Sport Road station.

Canton Park New Village Branch

Tel: 8638-8366

Address: No.2, Canton Park New Village, Baiyun District.白云区广园新村2号

How to get there: Metro Line 2, Sanyuanli station.

Jiangnan Branch

Tel: 3415-7327

Address: No.306-308, Jiangnan Avenue, Haizhu District.海珠区江南大道中306-308号

How to get there: Metro Line 2, Second City Palace Station.

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