Where to Buy Imported Foods in Guangzhou


A wholesale superstore that caters to the hospitality industry it’s also personal shopper friendly. Loads of imported lines and fair prices. Downside is that some things are only available in bulk sizes.

They have four locations in Guangzhou, in Tianhe, Panyu, Baiyun and Huadu.

WWW: http://www.metro.cn/en


A super modern and super clean supermarket that stocks loads of foreign goods with lots of fresh produce and deli.

Address Shop B106, Winter Plaza, GT Land Plaza, Zhujiang Dong Lu, Tianhe District


Very similar to blt, modern, clean with an large array of imported lines and a comprehensive deli with a large range of cheeses, a large meat section too with many imported lines.

Address Shop M21, L/M, Taikoo Hui, 388 Tianhe Dong Lu, Tianhe District

Corner’s Deli Grocery

As a upscale grocery, Cormer’s Deli Grocery offers authentic foreign food from Italy, the U.S., France, Switzerland, Japan, covering cheese, refrigerated food, cooking ingredients, coffee and wine.

Citic Branch

Tel: 3877-1400

Address: No. 233, Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District. 天河区天河北路233号

How to get there: Metro Line 3, Linhexi Road Station.

Qiaoyi Shop

Tel: 3881-3919

Address: No. 43, Qiaoyi Yi Street, Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District. 天河区天河北路侨怡一街43号

How to get there: Metro Line 3, Linhexi Road Station.

Store-X Imported Food Mart

Founded by Orhan Baron, who arrived in Guangzhou from Turkey 10 years ago, Store-X Imported FoodMart sells food from his hometown. You can find authentic Ulker biscuit & drinks and seasoning for a Turkish barbecue here.

Tel: 8356-0752

Address: No. 20, Tianlun Garden, Jianshe 4 Road, Yuexiu District. 越秀区建设四路20号

How to get there: Metro Line 5, Taojin Station.

Oliver Supermarket

Here offers more than 9000 varieties of imported goods, covering wine, beers, pasta, cheese, butter, sausages, cake mix, sauce, cereals, chips, Mexican food, etc.

Main Store

Tel: 8735-9202

Address: Mingyue Yi Road, Yuexiu District. 越秀区明月一路

How to get there: Metro Line 5, Wuyang Village Station.

Castle Hill Brech Store

Tel: 8618-8239

Address: No.1.Castle Hill Broadway Jia He ,Bai Yun Disrrict.广州市白云堡豪苑会所

How to get there: Metro Line 3, Jiahe Wanggang Station.

Clifford Estates Branch Store

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