Shamian Island – the English and French Concessions

In the eyes of many Guangzhou people, Shamian Island may be the most interesting place in Guangzhou. The main thing to look at is architecture and the feeling of entering a classic European city.
 In 1859, the island was an enclave for French and British who developed a prosperous area with timeless construction. The architecture here shows the European style of the 19th century, the environment is very beautiful, it is very suitable for strolling among them, or the artists of the literature and art take pictures. Because there are all kinds of scenery everywhere, you can see the new couples taking wedding photos here from time to time, you can feel the happiness. If you are interested, find a coffee shop, meditate on the past, and look at the Swan Lake.
The streets of the island are covered with elements of Western-style streets such as statues, gazebos, flower beds, wooden chairs, and fountains. There are more than 150 European-style buildings on the island, including 42 distinctive Baroque and imitation Gothic features. It is the most exotic European architectural complex in Guangzhou, with a gallery style, neo-classical style, and Chinese-Western style architecture.
More well-known buildings include: No. 2-6, No. 2, Shamian Street, commonly known as the Red House. It was originally a Customs Club Member, a three-storey, red brick masonry building with a steeple at the south and north. The building at No. 54 Shamian Street was originally HSBC Bank. It resembles the western classical renaissance architectural style. The building at No. 48 Shabian Street is the most representative building of the porch style. It has three floors and a reinforced concrete structure. The corridors around it are all vaulted and the exterior wall is washed with stone. The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes at 14 Shamian Street.
Its car free so you can wander freely.


  • CN Name: 沙面
  • EN Address: 53-54, Shabei North Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市荔湾区沙面北街53-54号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: White Swan Hotel
  • Getting There: Take the metro line 1 or 6 to Huangsha Station and walk around 10 min to the island across the bridge

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