Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is the largest park in Guangzhou and the natural scenery inside is very suitable for walking and exercising. The park is free to enter and very popular with locals.

Generally, most tourists come here to climb the mountain and visit the lake, take pictures at the Wuyang stone statue, look at the Guangzhou Museum (requires additional charges, 10 yuan) and the ancient city wall. Som also like to visit the Jinyin Playground and Dongxiu Children’s Park to play.

It consists of the main peak Yuejinggang and the surrounding seven hills such as Guihuagang, Muqigang and Liyugang, and three artificial lakes of Beixiu, Nanxiu and Dongxiu. All three lakes can be used for boat trips. The price for a two-person boat is 30 RMB an hour.

The difference between the three lakes is that Dongxiu Lake can overlook the TV tower, and there is a bumper boat. There is a children’s playground on the lakeside. Nanxiu Lake can overlook the Zhenhai Building. It has a large lawn on the lakeside. It is good for painting and sketching. Beixiu Lake has little shade, although there are flower gardens.

In addition to its natural scenery, the entire park is full of many monuments. The most famous is the Five Rams Statue which is also the emblem of the city.

You can also tour the park via electric car for 10 RMB for one way, and there are 3 routes to choose from.

Line 1: Park Main Entrance – Korea Garden – Jinyin Playground – Ancient City Wall – Guangzhou Art Museum – Zhenhai Tower – Wuyang Stone Statue – Nanxiu Lake – Park Main Gate;
Line 2: Yuya Mountain House – Beixiu Lake – Park Main Gate – Korea Garden – Jinyin Playground – Sunset Red Square – Idiom Fables Garden – Yuyashan House;
Line 3: Park East Gate – Guangzhou Art Museum – Zhenhai Tower – Zhongshan Monument – Ancient City Wall – Dongxiu Paradise – Park East Gate.



  • CN Name: 越秀公园
  • EN Address: No. 988, Jiefang North Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市越秀区解放北路988号
  • Open Hours: 6:00-22:00

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