Haizhu Lake Park

Haizhu Lake Park is part of Haizhu Wetland and is a free and open park. Haizhu Lake is the largest artificial lake in the city center. It is located in the center of the new city and has a beautiful environment. It is a good place for citizens to enjoy leisure.

Haizhu Lake Park is composed of Inner Lake and Outer Lake. The outer lake is actually a “yuhuan” composed of six rivers, surrounded by a circular inner lake, which is very beautiful.

Haizhu Lake Park is just in line with Guangzhou Tower and Sports Center. The lake area and orchard form the “ecological green axis” of the southern section of the central axis of Guangzhou, becoming a veritable Guangzhou “Green Heart”.

Although private bicycles are forbidden in the park, bicycles or battery cars can be rented in the park. It is a good choice to ride around the lake. In addition, there is a boat service in the park. For half an hour, the fare is 50, tea and snacks are provided, and boat trips are also very pleasant.



  • CN Name: 海珠湖公园
  • EN Address: No.168 Xinyi Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市海珠区新滘中路168号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Paco Hotel
  • Getting There: Take metro line 3 to Datang Station
  • Open Hours: 7:30-21:30

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