Ersha Island

Ersha Island is the Jiangxin Island on the Pearl River. It is located between the Guangzhou Bridge and the Haiyin Bridge, just beside the Haixinsha. It is surrounded by water and has a pleasant scenery. It has always been a sports training base in Guangdong Province. The Guangdong Tennis Hall, the Swimming Association and the Guangdong Gymnasium are all here, mainly concentrated in the western part of Ersha Island.


The Guangdong Museum of Art and the Xinghai Concert Hall are also located in Ersha Island, adding a lot of artistic charm. The island is very green and there are many parks, among which the Ersha Island Sports Park is quite famous.

Because Ersha Island has a beautiful environment, it is also a high-end residential center in Guangzhou. It has many villas and is a place with a large proportion of foreigners.



  • CN Name: 二沙岛
  • EN Address: Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (middle of Guangzhou Bridge and Haiyin Bridge)
  • CN Address: 广州市越秀区二沙岛(广州大桥和海印大桥中间)
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