Changzhou Island

Changzhou Island is located on the Pearl River in the Huangpu area of Guangzhou. The island has many historical sites and profound cultural heritage. The most famous is the Huangpu Military Academy founded by Mr. Sun Yat-sen.

If you like historical monuments, there are Bath House, Bass cemetery, Kebai Dock, Lushun Dockyard, and many Lingnan-style ancestral temples or temples, such as Ling’s Ancestral Hall, Zeng’s Ancestral Hall, and Hong Shen Temple etc.

It is also one of the birthplaces of the modern revolution. In addition to the famous Whampoa Military Academy, there is the Revolution of 1911 Memorial Hall, Navy Martyrs Cemetery, Dongzhen Martyrs Tomb etc..

On the island, there are several bicycle shops where you can rent a bike cheaply and this is a recommended way to easily explore. The natural scenery of the island is also good and there are also several sandbanks. It’s a nice place to experience a slower side to Guangzhou.


Zhongshan Park, Shengtangshan Park, Long Island Long Dike, Diaoyutai Resort are all good places to relax.



  • CN Name: 长洲岛
  • EN Address: Changzhou Island, Huangpu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市黄埔区长洲岛长洲文化旅游度假村海洋路3号
  • Getting There: You can take the subway to the Yuzhu Pier and then ferry into the island. Or take a bus from Higher Education Mega Center North Station.

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