Guangzhou International Biological Island

Formerly known as “Guanzhou Island”, Guangzhou International Biological Island/Biotech Island is located at the southeastern end of Guangzhou and along the Pearl River rear channel development belt.

There is a beautiful greenway along the island. Not as crowded as the urban area. Cycling in the biological island can be indulgent, not afraid of hitting people and not being hit by people, but also pay attention to safety, you can rent bicycles at the Ink Park Station.

There are three parks on the biological island.

From the official website: Guangzhou International Bio Island puts emphasis on introducing domestic and overseas high-end biotechnology enterprise headquarters and R&D center, biotechnology research and development institutions, biological service enterprises and organizations which provide professional supporting services and relevant financial investment organizations which provide such services as investment and financing and IPO listing for the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry.

There is one hotel on the island, being the new five-star Mulian Pazhou International Exhibition Center.

Getting there: You can take line 4 of the subway to Guangzhou Station which from the central area say Tianhe will involve going from line 3 to line 8 and then to line 4 taking 40 plus minutes. A taxi will take around 30 minutes and cost around 45 RMB.




  • CN Name: 广州国际生物岛
  • Website:
  • EN Address: Guanzhou Biological Island, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市海珠区官洲生物岛

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