Haixinsha Island

Haixinsha is a small artificial island located in the Pearl River which has the iconic Canton Tower across the water on one side and Huacheng Square (Flower City Square) on the other. The night view here is very beautiful capturing the lights of Huacheng Square and the colorful changes of the CantonTower. Moreover, it is also a good place to catch an amazing photo of the Canton Tower.

The Asian Games Park is located on the island and is now known as Guangzhou Gymnasium and is used as a concert venue and for sporting events such as arena football, basketball, badminton and table tennis.

Huacheng Square is on the north bank of the Pearl River, Haixinsha is in the middle of the river, and the Guangzhou Tower is on the south bank. The unique geographical location makes Haixinsha and its surrounding areas a must-see place to explore Guangzhou as an international metropolis. It is Guangzhou. New landmark.


Connect the three areas to make the APM line of the subway three points and one line. Generally, APM can get off at Haixinsha Station, but if you want to better tour, it is recommended to stand at the Grand Theatre. Because you can visit the Grand Theatre and the Guangzhou Library by the way, these are the new cultural landmarks of Guangzhou. Then take a walk to the Liede Bridge and watch the Haixinsha and Guangzhou Tower from the other side.


  • CN Name: 海心沙
  • EN Address: Linjiang Avenue, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (near Guangzhou Opera House)
  • CN Address: 广州市天河区珠江新城临江大道(近广州歌剧院)

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