Photo Spot: Shiweitang Railway Station

Shiweitang Railway Station is, for the most part, an unused railway station on Shiweitang Road, Liwan District. It was put into use in 1903 and is the oldest railway station in the city servicing a route from Guangzhou to Foshan.

Today, what remains is the station’s hundred-year-old buildings, the 80-meter-long platform with steel framed fish bones, the railroad track with turn signal lights and the end warning sign and a villa.

Shiweitang Railway Station has become a place for photographers in Guangzhou to take a nostalgic style. Almost every month, film studios and TV crews come to the station to take pictures.

Occasionally, you may spot some of China’s old locomotives and freight carriages here.

There are also informal markets here and the local Government has future plans to develop the area into a pedestrian and public space with cafes etc.

Nearby there is a Pier and Ferry Terminal (石囲塘) and large wholesale tea market, Jinqui Tea Market (锦桂茶叶市场).




  • CN Name: 石围塘火车站
  • EN Address: West side of Xitou Road, Shiweitang Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市荔湾区石围塘路西头路口西侧
  • Getting There: take a taxi or 20 min walk from Fangcun Station on metro line 1.

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