Lotus Hill/Lianhua Mountain Tourist Area

Lianhua Mountain, or Lotus Hill, is located at the edge of the Lions River in the Pearl River Estuary in Panyu. The “Lianfeng Guanhai”, one of the eight scenic spots in New Yangcheng, refers to the golden statue of the Guanyin with a height of 40.88 meters and a height of 12 tons.

Originally a quarry, it dates back to the Western Han Dynasty, leaving behind strange stones of various shapes, as well as the Lotus Tower in the Ming Dynasty and the Lotus City in the Kangxi Period of Qing Dynasty. It is worth seeing.

Lotus Mountain has a peach blossom festival every spring, and the peach blossoms in the mountains are beautiful. In the summer, there is a lotus tourism festival. You can not only enjoy the lotus, but also the lotus banquet made of lotus seeds, lotus roots, lotus seeds, etc., and also have a flavor.

Tickets: 50RMB for adult, extras are scenic tour bus 10RMB, Feiyingyan tunnel 1RMB, Deng Lotus Tower 2RMB

Getting there: there are three options

1. You can take the subway line 3 to Shiqiao Station or Metro Line 4 to Shijie Station, and then turn to the “市桥—莲花山” bus to reach Lianhua Mountain.
2. From Guangzhou Dajitou, Guangzhou Bus Station, Guangzhou Dongpu Bus Terminal and Guangzhou East Railway Station, take the bus and after the Panyu City Bridge, change to the “市桥—莲花山” car to reach the Lotus Hill.
3. Take a boat from Guangzhou Tianzi Wharf to Lianhuashan Wharf.

The nearest hotel is the massive and opulent new Merlinhod Hotel.



  • CN Name: 莲花山旅游区
  • EN Address: No. 18, Ximen Road, Shilou Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市番禺区石楼镇西门路18号
  • Open Hours: 7:00-17:00

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