South China Botanical Garden

The South China Botanical Garden is one of the three major botanical gardens in the country. The large scale of the park and many rare plant species make it one of the “Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Guangzhou”. The garden has dozens of viewing areas, and the environment is very good. It is very suitable for walking around or taking children to visit.


For example, there are Rhododendron gardens, ginger gardens, bamboo gardens, relict plant areas, aquatic botanical gardens, etc. The rarest ones are relict plants, which have existed on earth for more than 100 million years and have not yet been extinct. The air is especially good because of the many plants. Although the botanical garden can see the corresponding plants and flowers all year round, the season that is most suitable is still spring to experience the warm feeling of spring blossoms.


The most recommended point is that it has few tourists and is very quiet. In addition, it is very suitable for family and children. It can bring children to contact nature and know some kinds of flowers. Due to the beautiful scenery, there are often local people taking wedding photos here.

The whole environment is like a big garden, which can take a day. Because of the big place, it is recommended to take the electric cart. The price is just 10 RMB.

Entry Tickets: 20 RMB for garden entrance; 50 RMB for the Garden + Conservatory.



  • CN Name: 中国科学院华南植物园
  • EN Address: No. 1190, Tianyuan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市天河区天源路1190号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Lavande Hotel
  • Getting There: Take Metro Line 6 and get off at Botanical Garden Station first. Then walk southwest for 5 minutes to find the ticket office.
  • Open Hours: 7:30-17:30

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