Lingnan Impression Park

Lingnan Impression Park is located in the southern part of Guangzhou University City (Xiaoguwei Island), in the area of the former Lianxi Village, where you can experience the Lingnan folk customs and Lingnan folk culture, you can also enjoy Lingnan specialties, traditional and folk culture lovers should not miss.

Lingnan Architecture

Lingnan Impression Park is a typical Lingnan traditional style building community. The whole scenic spot brings together all the imaginations of the ancient homes in Lingnan: small courtyards, ancient streets, ancestral halls, stage, martial arts, arches, old banyan trees, large ponds, and the feeling of returning to that period of history. There are eight ancestral temples in the Lingnan Impression Park and the most famous are the Fok Family’s and Xiao Family’s which date back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Featured performance

Lianxi Street has regular performances along with several stalls with traditional craft and snacks. In addition to the above folk performances, Lingnan Impression Park has some large-scale performances, all of which are free to watch. For example, you can see acrobatics, lion dance, all very exciting.

Lingnan snack

In addition to the old buildings, there are many snacks just like many ancient villages and towns, but the snacks here are all Lingnan specialties, such as burdock powder, bamboo rise noodles, boat porridge, clam cake along with Cantonese milk pudding. The main dining spots are Lingnan Restaurant, Lianxi Restaurant, Lianxi Tea House and Tsuen Wan Boat Aberdeen. These restaurants are located on both sides of Lianxi Main Street.

Featured experience

You can see the original rickshaw, many handicrafts. Many folk craftsmen will also perform on-site teaching visitors some simple craftsmanship and bring a unique experience.

Entry ticket is 60 RMB or 80 RMB for Lingnan Impression Park + Star Art Gallery



  • CN Name: 岭南印象园
  • EN Address: Waihuan West Road, University Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市番禺区大学城外环西路
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Aloft Guangzhou University Park
  • Getting There: take the 384 bus or taxi from Higher Education Mega Center South Station.
  • Open Hours: 09:00-17:00

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