Xiaozhou Yuan Dynasty Ancient Village

Xiaozhou Village is an ancient and well-preserved waterside village located in Haizhu district not far from the Canton Fair Complex and near to the Guangdong Science Center and Guangzhou Bio Island. It still retains the characteristics of Lingnan Water Village, and, is also one of the last. The village dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and the hundreds of years of ancient hustle and bustle can be felt everywhere.  There are also many studios, cafes, snack bars and specialty shops suitable for taking pictures. The favorite of the young artists.

The houses of Xiaozhou Village are built along the river. The residents live in the middle of the river. There are hundreds of years of sedimentation in an ancient well that has been crossed. It is like walking into a folk museum.

Recommended Tour: Entrance to the main entrance of the scenic spot – Xiaozhou People’s Hall – Tianhou Palace – Bohai Gongyu – Lushan Jiangong – Jane’s Gongyu – Dongchi Gongyu – Shell House 1 – Shell House 2 – Xiyuan – Mu Nan Jian Gong Yi – Han Mo Bridge – Suiqiao Jiangong Temple – scenic area west exit.

Entering the Weizhou archway into the village, the oncoming is the Xiaozhou People’s Hall. This yellow façade is the landmark building of Xiaozhou Village. It often holds some art exhibitions, the high-hanging red stars and the words “community”. Telling the villagers and tourists about its history.

The attractions of Xiaozhou Village are mainly ancestral halls and clamshell houses. There are many ancestral halls in Xiaozhou Village, including Bohai Gonglu, Lushan Jiangong, Jianshi Gongyu, Dongchi Gongyu, Nanjian Gongyu, and Suiqiao Jiangong. They are paved with strips of bluestone, and there are high-rise eaves. The carvings on the plaques are elegant and natural, and the walls seem to be full of stories.


The clamshell house is a peculiar building. The main building material is the clamshell, which is made up of two by two, and then mixed with yellow mud. The whole house gives a special feeling, from which you can understand the wisdom of the ancient villagers.

In addition to the above architectural attractions, the most attractive of the current Xiaozhou Village may be the cafes, tea rooms and small shops selling specialty crafts. There is a Deng kitten cafe here, there are three summers, buy a postcard, and send it to yourself ten years later. Look at the cats, pat the backlight and the old features, it is suitable for young artists.

Opening hours: Open all day – no ticket required

Getting there: There is a bus stop nearby which is serviced by 252路;361路;468路 buses, but it is not expensive to take a taxi also, showing the driver 小洲村 (Xiaozhou Cun).

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  • CN Name: 小洲村
  • EN Address: Xiaozhou Art Village, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (opposite to Weizhou Ecological Park)
  • CN Address: 广州市海珠区小洲艺术村(瀛洲生态公园对面)

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