Sun Yat-sen Grand Marshal House Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen’s Grand Marshal’s Mansion Memorial Hall is located at No. 18 Dongsha Street, Textile Road, Haizhu District. Its predecessor was the cement factory established in the late Qing Dynasty. In 1917, after Sun Yat-sen was elected as the Grand Marshal, he chose this place as the Grand Marshal House.

Mr. Sun Yat-sen has established political power in Guangzhou three times, so this Grand Marshal House has been with Mr. Sun for a long period of time. Many of his major decisions have been made here. The current Grand Marshal House is the national second. The museum commemorates Mr. Sun.

The Sun Yat-Sen Grand Marshal House Memorial Hall consists of two yellow three-story buildings, the South Building and the North Building, connected by an aisle in the middle, and the East-West Plaza and the main entrance. The two main buildings are typical “colonial porch” buildings, but combined with Lingnan-style architectural styles, such as vase-style guardrails, shutters and windows, etc., the entire Xiaohuanglou is very spectacular.

Now there is the “Shangfu Centennial” restoration exhibition, the basic display of “Sun Yat-sen’s three political powers in Guangzhou”, “Shuai Celebrities”, “Republic of Guangzhou”, “Panet’s Architectural History in Guangzhou” and “Linnan in Pane’s Eyes” Such long-term exhibitions, and sometimes special temporary exhibitions.

It is usually visited in order from the North Building to the South Building. The entire tour takes about one hour. The North Building exhibits the revolutionary track of Mr. Sun in Guangzhou, which is the basic display of Sun Yat-sen’s three political powers in Guangzhou, and a large amount of historical materials for the city’s construction in Guangzhou. The third floor of the North Building is the exhibition of “Guangzhou, Republic of China”. On the guardrail of the Sun Yat-sen office in the North Building, there is also the word “seeking truth” by Sun Yat-sen.

The South Building restored the original appearance of each room of Mr. Sun’s office. On the third floor, there is “Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s Office”, “Great Marshal’s Office Room”, “Sun Song’s Bedroom”, “Restaurant”, “Washing Room” and “Radio Room”. A small room that Song Meiling once lived in. The four rooms on the second floor are the “Clubs Office” (Chiang Kai Shi Office), the “Secretariat” (Liao Zhongkai Office), the “Basic Camp Bulletin Editing Room” and the “General Staff Room” (Hu Hanmin Office). The first floor is also a variety of rooms, such as “medical officer’s office”, “joint military office”, “arsenal” and so on. The cloisters on the first to third floors of the South Building are the restoration exhibition of “Shoufu Centennial”.

Getting there: It is not within easy walking distance of the nearest subway station (The 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace) so I suggest taking a taxi.



  • CN Name: 孙中山大元帅府纪念馆
  • EN Address: No. 18 Dongsha Street, Textile Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市海珠区纺织路东沙街18号
  • Open Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:30; closed on Mondays.

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