Huangpu Ancient Port Site

Huangpu Ancient Port is located in Huangpu Village. During the Southern Song Dynasty, it was an important port on the maritime Silk Road. During the period from mid-1700 to mid-1800, thousands of ships would have docked here for international trade.

Therefore, the ancient port was rebuilt and the first memorial hall of Yuehai and the Huangpu Ancient Port Exhibition Hall were set up. The ancient pier, the hydrophilic area, and the “Götheborg” visit the Guangzhou Monument, the garden area and other attractions. Become a good place to learn about the Maritime Silk Road culture, experience the Lingnan village style, and taste authentic Guangzhou snacks.

If you want to know the history, the First Memorial Hall of Yuehai and the Huangpu Ancient Port Historical Exhibition Hall of Huangpu Village are a must visit to understand to learn more about the Maritime Silk Road. Fengpu Memorial Square, Beidi Temple and Auntie House are also not to be missed.

Huangpu Village, formerly known as Fengpu, was named after a legendary pair of phoenixes flying here. The Fengpu archway is a witness; the aunt’s house is a place where self-combined women gather, and you can see the unique customs of Lingnan. In addition to these, there are many ancestral halls and academies, and the building structure is very representative.

Boat porridge and Huangpu eggs are the specialty snacks of Huangpu, so don’t miss it. In recent years, there have also been many literary style shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. It also preserves some ancient snack shops.




  • CN Name: 黄埔古港遗址
  • EN Address: Huangpu Economic Union (formerly Huangpu Village) on the Shiji Riverside, Weizhou Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市海珠区琶洲街石基河边的黄埔经济联社(原黄埔村)
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: The Westin Pazhou
  • Getting There: Metro Line 8 to the last stop, Wanshengwei. Leave via exit C and either walk east for 20 minutes on Xingang Dong Lu or catch the open-air tourist bus that hangs about outside for RMB3. When you arrive, you will see a gateway with the characters ‘村埔黄’ (Huangpu Village)
  • Open Hours: The scenic spot is open all day, the first memorial hall of Yuehai in the scenic spot: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00

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