Chimelong Water Park

The Chimelong Water Park is a part of the Chimelong Resort area. The landscape is dominated by subtropical plants and flowers, forming a natural and relaxing environment together with its many water-based thrill rides. It is a well-known water park in the country, and there are many tourists coming to the summer every summer.

There are so many tourists in the water park, and it takes a long time to queue up, so if conditions permit, it is best to avoid weekends and holidays. It is recommended to have dinner near noon and then enter the park to play. The tour groups usually leave at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so the afternoon people are generally not too much, and one afternoon is enough to play all the items.

After entering the park, you can consider taking “Baby Water City”, “Little Horn”, “Cobra” and other attractions with your child. Baby Water City is a paradise for children. The small horn and the cobra are all designed for children. It can be played with mom and dad and children, and the shape is very cute. There is also a play pool full of cartoon characters.

All the rides at Chimelong Water Park




  • CN Name: 长隆水上乐园
  • EN Address: Changlong Tourism Resort, Yingbin Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市番禺区迎宾路长隆旅游度假区内
  • Open Hours: 10:00-19:00

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