Sacred Heart Cathedral

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is a large church of the Catholic Diocese in Guangzhou. It is also one of the larger Gothic buildings in the country and one of the four stone-built Gothic church buildings in the world. Many people will come here to take pictures of the location and often There are new people coming here to take a photo of the wedding photos (can only be shot outside, can not be taken inside).

The church tower is 58.5 meters high. It is magnificent and the whole body is made of granite.

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is open to the public every afternoon and during the non-mass time, visitors can visit it casually, but photographs are not allowed inside the church.


It has almost all the compositional elements of the Gothic church, including the stained glass windows of the early architectural style, the perspective doors, etc., and the double bell tower spires of the middle and late architectural styles. On the front of the church there is a pair of towering double-tipped stone towers with four large bronze bells from France. The arched plaque in the hall, the palm-shaped window sills that are spread over the walls, and the stained glass windows that resist outdoor glare are the most attractive elements of the Catholic Church.

The tranquil and solemn atmosphere of the church has also been sublimated in this original layout. You can step into the church and find a seat to sit down and experience the sacredness and tranquility of the building.



  • CN Name: 石室圣心大教堂
  • EN Address: No. 56, Yide Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市越秀区一德路56号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Hotel Landmark Canton
  • Getting There: Take Metro line 6 to Yide Road Station and walk around 6min

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