Sunflower Garden Nansha

Sunflower Garden is located in Nansha, far from downtown Guangzhou, and it takes at least two hours to drive. The place is not particularly large, but there are many kinds of flowers, such as rose garden, lavender garden, tea garden, sunflower garden, etc., which is very suitable for this flower viewing. There are also some mobile games and small animals in the park, which are also suitable for family and children.

The most attractive of the park is the one with more than one million vital sunflowers. The tall rose trees and the flamboyant roses are also very eye-catching. These rose trees are derived from the fine varieties of Europe. Therefore, the petals are bright and full, and the layers are very layered.

In addition to the sea of flowers, Sunflower Garden has also introduced many advanced amusement facilities, including dozens of entertainment projects for tourists to challenge, such as “hanging chain bar”, “flying bar” and “Yao Zhai bar”. Very suitable for bringing children to play.



  • CN Name: 百万葵园
  • EN Address: 15 涌, Xinyi, Wanqingsha Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市南沙区万顷沙镇新垦15涌

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