Nansha Bird Park

The Nansha Bird Park (CN: 南沙水鸟世界生态园) is located at the mouth of the Pearl River at the southern end of Guangzhou. It is close to the ocean and has a good natural ecological environment. Nansha, known as the “bird paradise” of the earth’s kidney.

The landscape is divided into six islands, namely Rainforest Island, Huashu Island, Palm Island, Labyrinth Island, Treasure Island and Qianhezhou, and many national protected animals are raised in stocking form, such as: Oriental White Pelican, Cuban Flamingo, West African crown cranes and so on.

Here, visitors can get along with these animals at a closer distance, just like walking into the natural ecological jungle and feeling nature without barriers.

Tickets at the site are 80RMB for adults although you may find discounts online.

Getting there: Take Metro Line 4 to Jiaomen Subway Station (there is a bus terminal next to it) then ake the Nansha 2 bus to the Million Sunflower Park then transfer to Nansha 11 Bus to Nansha Wetland Station then walk over the Bay bridge to reach Nansha Bird park.

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  • CN Name: 南沙水鸟世界生态公园
  • Website:
  • EN Address: between 17 and 18 Yong, Wanqingsha Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市南沙区万顷沙镇十七与十八涌之间
  • Open Hours: June – October 9:00-18:30; November – May 9:00-17:00

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