ZhuangYuanfang 状元坊

Female college students are fond of talking about the latest fashion and taste of the crowd, but compared with the working girls, they don’t have too much money in the pockets, so, fashion and saving money are their favorite. Quality is not their concern, but popularity is the most important thing.

In the pursuit of individuality and fashion era, ZhuangYuanfang 状元坊 almost has a personality, the trend has attracted the main gathering place for girls of all ages. Young, hip, trendy sums up the area.

In Zhuang Yuanfang, there are also lots of funky trinkets and decorations, and those are not easy to find somewhere else. I would never found out how many people is here, it is extremely crowded, it allows only 1 pass in the aisle. People just enjoy, especially young people.


Qian yu qian xun: the same name as Japan and South Korea well-known Japanese animation, it is a jewelry store.

Bi Zhu Zuo Fang: It is a DIY workshop,  collections of various colors of beads, and custom made chains.

Nearby Hotel Pick: Shang Yuan Hotel (2 Star)

How to get there

Metro: Walk from Yide Road Station, or short taxi ride from Haizhu Square, Changshou Lu, or even Xinmenko metro stations.

Bus: 4, 31, 38, 61, 86, 102, 103, 110,106, 128, 134, 186, 209, 217, 556, 823

Address: Renmin South Road – 人民南路

Map Location

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