Jiangnan Avenue Wedding Dress Street 江南大道北婚纱街

As the largest comprehensive professional wedding dresses market, Jiangnan Avenue Wedding Dresses Street (江南大道北婚纱街) occupies an important position in the market of the country, attracting distributors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for a wedding dress and wedding accessories then this is probably a place you really want to check out.


The street, or area to be more precise, is a mix of malls, packed with independently run stores, along with street side shop fronts and alleyways that lead to even more shops. There are upmarket shops where you can really splurge through to mom and pop style shops where you can get a real bargain.

The price of single products here averages between 1200 to 2400, and I have even seen some off the rack dresses haggled down to 800 RMB. If you need it to be tailored or a custom design it will take about 2 weeks and the price will be a little higher. Be sure to take photos with you if you are after a certain style. You can also rent wedding attire from many places here, which is a common practice in China.

No matter you need the traditional Chinese or Western style wedding dresses, you can find your answer here. Dress shops line both sides of the street displaying all kinds of dresses in different styles so you really can’t go wrong.

Each store has its own characteristics and it’s worth doing some strolling. Western wedding dresses and evening dresses are the main offerings, but you can still find some good stores offering Chinese Cheongsam.

Don’t be afraid to stroll down some of the sign-fronted alleys as they lead to some nifty little places where you can really uncover some bargains. Jiang Nan Wedding Articles Plaza is one such example, where strolling around the alleys you’ll find many smaller shops selling all kinds of cocktail dresses, wedding dresses, gloves, veils, jewelry and such.


What can you get there: wedding dresses and bridal accessories.

Av Spend: about 1700 RMB per person.

Website: no official website

Open hours: generally from 10:00-19:00

How to get there: Metro Line 2, Jiangnan West Station or The 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace‎ station.

Nearby Hotels: Last time I visited we got off at the 2nd Workers Palace Station and stayed at the Skyline Plaza Hotel which is right next to the metro and in the heart of all the shops.

Address: Jiangnan Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. 地址:海珠区江南大道北

Chinese Name: 江南大道北婚纱街

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