Prince Mountain Forest Park

Prince Mountain Forest Park (Wangzishan Ecological Forest Park) is located at the junction of Huadu District and Qingyuan City. It consists of Furong Tourism Resort and Wangzishan Forest. The forest is lush and green, it is a natural oxygen bar.

The northeastern peak of the park is called Wangzi Mountain, which is the second peak of Huadu District. The mountain peak in the southwest is called Yingya Mountain. It is the first peak of Huadu District and the first peak of Guangzhou City. The two peaks are more than 500 meters apart. The mountain nest between the two peaks is called the Great Dome.

According to the function, the park is divided into the entertainment area, the Shouxing Palace Retreat and Fitness Recreation Area, and the Yushuwo Wildlife Breeding Area. The air quality is very good here, and the temperature is relatively low. It is suitable to bring family and friends here to enjoy the cool fresh air in the summer.

Nearby is Hongshan Village.



  • CN Name: 王子山森林公园
  • EN Address: X404 Furong Tourism Resort, County Road, Laibian Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市花都区梯面镇县道X404芙蓉旅游度假区
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Haoyin Gloria Plaza Hotel
  • Getting There: take metro line 9 to Liantang Station and then take the 花17路王子山班车 bus (route map here )
  • Open Hours: 9:00-17:00

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