Tianlu Lake Forest Park

Tianlu Lake Forest Park is located on the Tianlu Lake in Huangpu District. The park is dominated by hills. Niutou Mountain is the highest point. It is 362 meters above sea level. The park is densely forested with abundant trees and very good air. It is a good place to climb the mountain to breathe fresh air.


Tianlu Lake has the only original large-scale flower landscape of the city of Guangzhou, named “Thousands of acres of flowers”. In March and April each year, the flowers of the mountains are open, and the flowers are hanged on the vines.

From a distance, they are like a group of flocks. They are very beautiful and attract countless tourists. Entry is 5 RMB.




  • CN Name: 天鹿湖森林公园
  • EN Address: Tianlu Lake, Tianlu North Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市黄埔区天鹿北路天鹿湖畔
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Guangzhou Tongyu International Hotel
  • Getting There: 346 bus at Changfu Road Station opposite Tianhe Coach Station (every 30 minutes) to Tianzhu Lake Country park, the fare is 3 RMB.
  • Open Hours: 7:00-18:00

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