Zhujiang Night Tour from Tianzi Wharf

Tianzi Wharf, commonly known as “Guangzhou First Wharf”, is located at the junction of Yanjiang Middle Road and Beijing Road in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. There is a ferry crossing the Zhujiang River to the textile pier and Zhongda Wharf on the opposite side of Haizhu District. The purpose of the tour is for sightseeing, and most of the boats on the Pearl River night tour set sail here.

The cruise ship at Tianzi Wharf has information time report, Guangdong Radio Station, Huacheng Mingzhu, Zhushui Mingzhu, Zhujiang Mingzhu, Jade, Tianzi No.1, Tianzi No.3 and Yinluo Yacht, etc. The time and charges will be different.

As the sun sets, the pedestrians are getting less and less, and they are in the slow-moving Pearl River cruise, blowing the sultry face of the river, watching the rising lights on both sides of the strait and gradually surrounding the fashionable buildings under the night, so charming night scenes In the fairyland, whether it is a lover in love or a happy family, the beauty is close to each other’s distance, and people can’t help but feel the coziness of life in Guangzhou under the night.

Tickets: You can buy tickets online at Ly.com or Ctrip.com and prices range from 36-118 RMB per adult.



  • CN Name: 珠江夜游天字码头
  • EN Address: Tianzi Wharf, Intersection of Beijing South Road and Yanjiang Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
  • CN Address: 广州市越秀区北京南路与沿江路交汇处天字码头

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