The Friendship Store Guangzhou

There are 4 Friendship Stores in Guangzhou, one is on East of Huan Shi road, one is on North of Tian He road, one is along with China hotel, one is alone with Times Plaza. The Friendship Store is China’s state-run store, at the beginning, it serves foreign customers and government officers only, but now anyone can go and buy things if they have money. The prices there always higher than anywhere else. You won’t see a crowd there, it still works for high-class people who cares brand and quality only, don’t care about price.

In the 1970s, it imported overseas food, like Hershey’s, peanut butter, the price is much higher than local ones. But it was the only place you could find overseas products, there wasn’t any other choice. The guard would stop any Chinese from entering their store, or even if you just look like Chinese. Lots of people can only look at the product from outside of the window.

Of course, it is open to public now, only a few of them still open as lots of them were shut down after the introduction of the market economy. That is the place where celebrities go for shopping. No one will speak loudly here, no one will walk in a rush. It is a high-class shopping mall.


Address: (for the original store) 369号 Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China and 28 Tianhe N Rd, TianHeBei, Tianhe for the second store.

Nearby Hotel Pick: Garden Hotel Guangzhou (5 Star)

How to get there Metro: Line 3, Line 5 get off at Taojin station

Map Location featuring hotels near the Friendship Store


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