Jiangnan West Road in Haizhu district

West of Jiang Nan road is the most important shopping zones in Hai Zhu district. Although there is no very big shopping mall and no big market, it won’t be so crowded and if you go West of Jiang Nan road at night, you will see the local night market which you will never find anywhere else.

It is very interesting, there are a lot of stores selling local brands and well-known brands, it is very popular in the local area. A lot of “zou gui” will go out and set up a stall at night, because there is no officer on duty at night, I guess the officer are off duty that time and come here for fun as well. You will find all kinds of things there including fake jewelry, clothing, shoes, and stationery…It won’t cost much of your money, but you will feel very relax there, the seller are very kind.

A shopping zone without food, no one will go, so there are a lot of restaurants which are very popular with young people, like RBT, Starbucks, papa john’s pizza, KFC…

As mentioned, there is a few shopping malls there, there is not many modern shopping malls in Hai Zhu district, but there is one new open recently – Grandbuy new city. The structure of this brand new Grandbuy new city is similar to the one on Beijing road, but there are more stores in Grandbuy new city in West of Jiang Nan road, so you might still find something new there.

This area is also close to the wedding dress street.

How to get there?

Metro: Line 2, get off at Jiang Nan Xi station, and go toward exit A

Bus: 270, 186, 29, 3

Address: West of Jiang Nan Road 江南西路

Map Location featuring hotels near Jiangnan West Road (Jiang Nan Xi Lu)


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