China Plaza Guangzhou 中华广场店

China (Zhonghua) Plaza 中华广场店 is located in the 3rd Zhong Shang road, in the center of Guangzhou. On the opposite side is Martyrs Cemetery.

It was opened in 2000, people love to go shopping there, it is very popular with local people. It attracts 300,000 visitors per day, 700,000 visitors on the weekend.


The construction of the building is very clear.

B1 Floor: international brand, like CK, TOMY, MONGO, THEME

1st Floor: domestic brand, like COZZI, CITY CHAIN

2nd & part of 3rd Floor: Jusco

Part of 3rd Floor: Clothing market

4th Floor: Cellphone market

5th Floor: Home product

6th Floor: book store

7th Floor: Food and Dining

8th Floor: Cinema


This is the place where my sister loves to go for shopping, different kinds of products, all different brand, low level to high end.

A shopping mall plus 2 shopping center underground. One shopping center is connected with the metro station, it is very convenient to get there, and provide a very comfortable environment for shopping. You can get to China Plaza throughout the shopping center. One of the other shopping center is famous for sport products, there is a big outlet on the 3rd floor, lots of shoes up to 40% off. It meets some student’s demand.

How to get there 

Metro: Line 2, get off at Lie Shi Ling Yuan station (Martyrs Park)

Address: Zhongshan 3rd Road 33 中山三路33号中华广场

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