Western Han Dynasty Nanyue King Wen’s Mausoleum

The Western Han Dynasty Nanyue King Museum is located in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City. It was excavated in June 1983. The museum was built on the basis of the original site of the tomb. It mainly displays the original site of the Tomb of Nanyue King and its unearthed cultural relics. Compared with other museums, its focus is on the treasures of silk and jade.

The silkworm jade clothing of Nanyue King is the earliest set of jade clothing that has been excavated so far in China. It is worth seeing.

The east side of the museum is a three-storey comprehensive exhibition building, and the north side is a two-story main building. The surrounding buildings are connected by a roundabout corridor. The whole building has 10 exhibition halls. The permanent exhibition in the museum has a cultural relic exhibition. And porcelain pillow exhibitions, there are occasional temporary exhibitions.

The cultural relics exhibition is the main body of the museum. It is mainly the unearthed cultural relics in the tomb of the Nanyue Wang Zhaoxu. More than 10,000 pieces of funerary objects are unearthed in the tomb. The exhibition is divided into five units: Wendi Jinyin, the main room treasure, the tomb in the tomb, Yuku Tibetan, and Zhong Ming Ding.

There are a lot of jade articles in the collection, such as the jade corner cup, the ten sets of jade accessories, and the fifty-eight jade sword ornaments. These are all major discoveries in Hanyu.

In addition to jade articles, there are also displays of enamel seals, gold and silverware, and bronzes in the cultural relics exhibition.

Entry is 12 RMB.


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